Leri drastically improves mental clarity on carnivore diet

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Leri was initially a skeptic when he first heard about the carnivore diet since it conflicted with what he thought he knew about cholesterol. After following the carnivore diet for a month and experiencing many positive changes to his health, his skepticism has turned to praise. “I’ve had no cons,” he reports. “I’ve had nothing but benefits!”

For Leri, the mental clarity and mood stability he gained from switching to a meat-based diet has been life-changing. “I think more clearly and more rationally now,” he shares. “I have better impulse control. The carnivore diet really stabilizes my mood. I feel really calm and more rational. I’m able to think more clearly and I’m not influenced by my emotions.

Leri finds it much easier to manage his anger and deal with frustrating situations since removing all plants from his diet. “I’ve had anxiety since I was 16 years old, but now I’m able to go into any situation completely calm and relaxed. I’m completely comfortable now, and that’s a truly good feeling.

Two years prior to starting his carnivore journey, Leri suffered from debilitating back pain and skin inflammation. In desperation, he prayed for God to help him find a solution. “My back pain is completely gone, I’m so thankful!” he reports. “And my skin is clear now, and I’m finally able to look at my body and be proud of myself.” Since he was a teenager, Leri had suffered from painful hives and inflamed red spots on his skin. “It was a real confidence killer!” he remembers.

Some people have difficulties with oxalate dumping. Leri feels that steering away from plants including drinking coffee were key to his being able to overcome this obstacle. His workouts have become more enjoyable. “My energy is at an all-time high,” he shares. “I’m able to work all day and still hit the gym.” He reached a personal bench press record and has shed 12 pounds of fat in his first 30 days as a carnivore. He also reports a healthy libido since making the switch.

I don’t believe humans can thrive on a plant-based diet, I just don’t believe it,” says Leri. “I’m convinced that we thrive on a meat heavy diet.” He seems to practice what he preaches by consuming up to 15 eggs per day, liver, steak and butter. For a pre-workout fueling, he’ll sometimes drink goat’s milk.

Leri warns against a society that has grown dependent on modern medicine, and urges his followers to go back to an ancestral way of eating for optimal health. “When we stop fighting nature is when we will be our healthiest,” he believes. “You could take a bunch of medication or drugs, but they are not 100% beneficial. Modern medicine has huge holes in it and it should be questioned.” He believes opting for a meat-heavy diet of bioavailable foods is more beneficial.

After seeing such progress in his first month, Leri continueds to share his experiences on his YouTube channel to help others along the way, and to spread the message that “meat heals”.

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1 thought on “Leri drastically improves mental clarity on carnivore diet”

  1. Disappearing back pain is one of the most incredible benefits of carnivore… I wonder what the explanation for this might be. But anyway : it’s great you’re doing so much better and your gym results speak for themselves!

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