Christian improved hearing, gained weight, treated autism on carnivore diet

Diagnosed With High-Functioning Autism


Hey everyone, I’m not really autistic anymore, but I was before.


When I was 18, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and had all the normal issues: sensory overload, trouble communicating, and temper problems. All standard autistic behavior. However, at times I had severe impairment.


At times I could not speak for sometimes hour at a time. I noticed this was always accompanied by extreme abdominal pain and hunger; then I proceeded by eating food (sugar and grains), and the symptoms got worse, or loss of speech, hearing to a degree, and some movement impairment, and always accompanied by sensory overload.


Struggling With Severe Impairment Due to Food


After one episode, I finally realized this was happening to me because of food, then I started to try many different diets, all with relatively no success.


In December 2017, I had a problem while painting and decorating with my father. I couldn’t move voluntarily at times and had a case of involuntary blinking, and I would have tears running down my face without being sad or upset. This left me confused, and I was fed up, so I stopped working.


I always tried hard. I worked out. I thought I was eating healthy. I would eat so much fruit, but it would make my abdominal pain even worse. Nothing worked. I tried everything. I even went to a nutritionist and tried fasting.


Trying Different Diets and Seeking Help


So it was December 2017, and Shawn Baker was on the Joe Rogan podcast. You guys probably already watched it. Shawn Baker was advocating a meat-only diet and said it cured a bunch of his ailments and increased his performance. I literally said, “I will try it. I got nothing to lose, I’m in pain and tried everything, and this is depressing.”


Being autistic sucks because you cannot control what you do. Your body does… You try to grab the cup you can’t; you fumble. You try to let go… but you can’t. You are too tense. You are angry when you aren’t and can’t talk when you talk…


Trying the Meat-Only Diet and Its Effects


So I tried this meat diet for 30 days, and it went really well, the best I ever felt in my life. Simple things like sugar crashes and feeling tired just disappeared.


However, as time went on, I started noticing: I’m not in pain anymore, I don’t have to stop and think when I speak, I’m looking at people in their faces, I am calm and not raging when playing video games (I used to rage a lot). I can move how and when I want to, and I have no more insatiable hunger.


Autism-Related Issues Disappeared With the Carnivore Diet


Everything autism-related just evaporated. It was like it was never there. I also never get nervous now at all.


I’m 25 years old. I’m now one year and three months Carnivore. I mainly eat raw meat nowadays. I gained weight. I was always skinny, 5 ft 10, 140 lbs; now I am 170 lbs and feel a lot better.


I was going to post this a year ago but couldn’t be bothered.


This story doesn’t detail everything, but I tried to keep it short and simple.


Thank you to anyone that reads this, and most importantly, thank you, Shawn Baker, for changing my life.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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3 thoughts on “Christian improved hearing, gained weight, treated autism on carnivore diet”

  1. I’m just starting to get the meat diet going . I am ready to really live. I’m told by Dr. S I am seriously depressed. I am in pain all the time. So here I go, hoping for a better life. Depression is real and it is the main reason for suicide in America. This is My thoughts . I’m ready for a real change. Thanks to Dr. Wade ,I have hope . I’ll take it one day at a time. Wish Me luck.

  2. Plants bearing seed Daddy God gave us for life but the problem is oxalates that are created as they try to protect themselves from chemical “warfare”. Consider prayerfully adding in organic veg from local markets.

    1. Organic or not. Plants are still toxic as they produce self protecting mechanisms. I’m also beginning to heal on carnivore diet.

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