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Bradley improved fat loss, muscle gain, sciatica, cognition, and athletic performance

When Bradley joined the army straight out of college, he never really gave much thought about nutrition. “I think—like a lot of young soldiers—I just ate whatever I wanted with the expectation that I was going to burn off all the pizza and beer.” It slowly caught up with him, however, and by the time his four years in the army were over, he had gained twenty pounds and was experiencing lower back pain. Shortly after leaving active duty, he was diagnosed with bulging disks around his L5-S1. A back surgery in 2018 mostly solved the issue, but there was still lingering stiffness in his lower back and leg.

As the years rolled on, Bradley continued to try to better his health with limited success. Then, when he got deployed overseas in 2020 with the Army Reserve, a friend recommended the ketogenic diet. “I was calorie restricting, I was running 20 to 30 miles a week…I was just exhausting myself…and I just wasn’t seeing any real positive results.” Thinking a military base would be an ideal environment for a controlled dietary experiment, he took the plunge and overnight cut out processed foods, sugars and sodas, while loading up his plate with all the protein and fat he could find.

“Some people talk about switching to low carb and seeing positive effects in a couple of days or weeks—but for me—it took about 20 minutes…I couldn’t finish that plate of food. This was really my first introduction to satiety.” After that, Bradley was off to the races. He lost 30 pounds over a six week period, and eighteen months later is happy to report that he is the healthiest he’s ever been. “I look better, my skin feels healthier, I’m stronger than I was before I injured myself—and the pain that was lingering after the surgery vanished in a matter of weeks…This was such a perspective shift for me—showing how quickly you can turn around your health just by putting proper fuel in your body.”

His Achilles heel—an insatiable sweet tooth—also disappeared within a matter of days. “In the past, if there was an Oreo in front of me, I’d have eat the whole box…and now…I just have no desire for it.” About to turn 33, Bradley now confidently lifts heavy weights at the gym without fear of injury, or experiencing any soreness the next day. “I just compare that to running five days a week in the past, and I would wake up and my shins would be on fire.” He’s also been able to attain greater mental clarity and concentration, something he found particularly useful when pursuing his Master’s degree.

“The surprising thing to me about the carnivore diet, was really how little effort it took. You know, it’s not about discipline—everybody thinks it is—but it’s really not. I didn’t lack for discipline running 30 miles a week, but then I couldn’t control myself in front of candy. So, it wasn’t a discipline issue, it was about ‘How is your brain wired to think about food?’ and ‘What kind of food are you putting in it?’”

Elliott healed hyperthyroidism, his rare auto immune disease, reduced medication on a carnivore diet

Elliott was a competitive bodybuilder for over 31 years, from the ages of 17 to 45, and continues to train in his fifties. Leaving behind a traditional bodybuilding diet for a carnivore diet has helped him surpass his fitness goals, recover from major spinal surgery, heal from hyperthyroidism, and resolve a lifelong autoimmune issue.

“I’ve always been stuck on the logic of a bodybuilder,” he shares with Revero coach Amber. “I ate mostly rice, chicken, salad, potatoes and pasta.” After decades of competitive training, Elliott was sidelined with an injury that resulted in paralysis of his left arm and emergency surgery to fuse his spine. “I had 17 screws in my neck,” he recalls. “I had no feeling in my left hand, but thankfully that has started to come back now.”

Elliott says he felt sorry for himself, and started to snack on sugary and high-carb foods to help soothe his pain. “I was eating my emotions, and my weight began to go up.” Elliott reached his highest weight of 19 stone (266 pounds) and turned to his 21-year-old son for ideas on how he might lose weight during his recovery. “I suddenly had this light bulb moment. My son researched the carnivore diet and thought it might benefit my health.” Ellott had been taking medication for Grave’s disease (a form of hyperthyroidsm) and his son had read about how a carnivore had helped others with the same condition.

A year post-op, Elliott has finally been able to get back to his training schedule and hit the gym 5 or 6 days a week. For the last 48 days, he’s faithfully followed a meat-based diet except for one off-plan meal per week that includes a small amount of fruit. His mainstays are bacon and eggs for breakfast, pork sausages or chicken thighs for lunch, and a hearty steak with prawns or steak burgers for dinner. “It’s worked perfectly for me!” he says. “My strength is up in the gym, my energy levels are up, and I have sharper thinking. The carnivore diet is the opposite of everything I have ever believed in, but the proof is in the pudding!”

That “pudding” is loaded with benefits! Elliott lost 42 pounds and 5 inches off his waist in his first 38 days on a carnivore diet and is completely off his hyperthyroid medication. “It’s just incredible! My trousers were falling off me!” He shares his “Journey to a Six-Pack Forever” movement with friends and followers and even helped his training partner achieve his own carnivore success story.

Elliott has a professional background in psychology and hypnosis, and is now better equipped to help his patients with mindset and motivation. “People typically start a diet because they’re in either psychological or physical pain,” he explains. “They start dieting, and after a while, they feel better. But the problem is pain was their motivator, and they get stuck in a cyle of serial dieting. Whereas with carnivore, it’s a lifestyle change that is more sustainable.”

Elliott has always been positive and shares that enthusiasm with friends and followers on social media. “I feel ALIVE!” he declares. “That’s how I sum it up to people in one word.”

Kim improved her ulcerative colitis on a carnivore diet

Kim suffered from several health issues, including ulcerative colitis, rosacea, boils, and migraines. Following a carnivore diet has completely transformed her health, and she believes it has saved her life!

Kim was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that results in sores that grow in the digestive tract, primarily the large intestine. For Kim, these sores were heavily exacerbated by a diet that included vegetables, and she frequently suffered bleeding and infections related to the condition. “I was dying from ulcerative colitis,” Kim shares with Revero coach Amber. “I ended up with a colostomy bag after having my colon removed. The vegetables I was eating would catch on the ulcers and cause them to bleed, so I was at risk for bleeding to death internally, too.”

Kim didn’t realize that prioritizing vegetables over meat was actually making her condition worse. Looking back, she is angry that more patients with ulcerative colitis may think the only way forward is surgery or medication, rather than changing their diets. “I was so weak. The doctors just told me it was normal to feel that way with this condition, but it’s not normal!” Kim exclaims. “You don’t have to live this way the rest of your life. You can be healed with food!”

Kim switched to a meat-based diet 15 months ago, and all of her symptoms have improved. Her rosacea and skin boils cleared up, she no longer has joint pain, and best of all, her ulcerative colitis seems to be in remission. “My doctor was hesitant to tell me, but since going carnivore my bloodwork was perfect.” Even her vision improved. “I don’t need glasses any more, my doctor couldn’t believe it!”

Aside from a couple of weeks of fatigue at the onset, Kim adjusted quite well to removing all vegetables and grains from her diet. She and her husband keep things simple and enjoy mainly ribeyes that they find on sale. She typically consumes two pounds of meat per day, and often includes eggs. “I could clearly see because of the bag that vegetables were not fully digesting, so what was the point of eating them if I wasn’t absorbing all the nutrients?” While she still has the bag, of course, Kim’s bowel movements are less frequent and no longer painful, and she observes that the meat-only food is digested much more completely than when she was eating vegetables.

Today, Kim says she feels stronger, has more energy, and has resolved almost all of her health issues. She shares her message of hope on social media and within support groups for others who suffer from ulcerative colitis. After seeing ten different doctors and using steroids which simply masked the problem, Kim hopes others in her situation will find hope through the healing power of meat. “All the medication I took for ulcerative colitis was just a bandaid, and I gained so much weight from it,” Kim notes. “Switching to a carnivore diet has healed almost everything that was wrong with me!”


Jim lowered his triglycerides and blood pressure on a carnivore diet

Going Carnivore has made an amazing change in my life. 
What has changed for me is now I have the kind of energy that I haven’t had for 30 years, I have lost all the inflamation that was in my joints, I have had 6 surgical clean outs and major ACL repair on my knee and now I have no pain in my knee, which hasn’t been the case since 1985.  I also had my hip replaced 18 months ago and since the surgery and going carnivore I went from basically being sedentary to now this summer.
  1. I have summited 3 mountains hiking, and 
  2. taken up rowing skulls on the reservoir In Calgary 
  3. My blood pressure has gone from high 150/90 to 120/70 normal
  4. My triglycerides have gone down by 50%
  5. My HDL has increased and my LDL has decreased
  6. I have lost over 80 lbs from 305 lbs to 225 lbs
  7. I can now do things i would have thought impossible 18 months ago.
  8. I am putting on muscle without really trying
I went for my yearly physical with my family doctor who I have been seeing for 32 years, he always said that I was too fat and needed to lose weight fatboy (my interpretation).  I had not seen him for a year because of covid. 

I went and saw him the lowest weight that I had been in 30 years, he couldn’t believe it was me, but what was really great was my blood pressure had always been high 145/85 or 150/90.  He took my blood pressure and his words were “WooooW!!!!” and he is a man of few words my blood pressure was 120/70.  My Triglycerides have gone down by over 50%, my HDl has increased and my LDL has gone down. 
All my blood markers have improved.I am never hungry, i used to eat continuously and was always hungry, now I am never hungry.
I am also a cancer survivor, I had CLL Leukemiaa blood cancer diagnosed in 2011, I was successfully treated in 2013 with a combination of a manmade manufactured antibody and chemo drugs and have been cancer free for 7 years, they cannot find any cancer cells in my blood.

Trudy lost weight, and came off medications on a carnivore diet

Shortly after we were married, my husband and I found out we were already expecting our first baby. I wasn’t really “overweight”, but I wasn’t thin either. I weighed about 140. I’m 5’ 5”.

I gained nearly 90 lbs during my pregnancy. Don’t know why, I just did.

I lost a little after she was born, but not much. Then my weight started to climb!
By the time our daughter was 5, I already weighed 300 lbs.

A few years later, I was 400 lbs, wearing 5X clothes that were rapidly getting tight.

This last photo was taken Christmas 2010.

July 2011 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and spent 2 days in ICU, then 2 more days in a regular room.

I immediately quit sugar. It was a shock to my “southern girl” system to give up sweet tea, biscuits, and all the wonderful carb-y goodnesses I grew up on. But I did it!

In 18-24 months, I lost 100 lbs!

I was able to maintain that for a few years. Then I started having difficulty walking. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees. I had arthritis in my knee joints and under both my kneecaps. For almost 4 years, I walked with a cane. I was only in my mid-30’s.

I gained back about 80 lbs in 2 years. I was miserable! I tried Atkins/low carb. I just couldn’t lose!

August 2018 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I had no idea that obesity could cause cancer!!!

September 24, 2018 I had a complete hysterectomy. They removed my uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. My gynecological oncologist said that my ovaries probably hadn’t worked correctly in years.

I recovered from surgery, but still could not lose weight.

My primary care doctor and I talked about me having weight loss surgery, but we found out my insurance didn’t cover it so we started trying to raise the money. We asked my doctor if we should try to get on disability. She said that could take years, and I “didn’t have years”. We knew that meant I’d die if something didn’t change soon!

Even my oncologist worked to try and help me get bariatric surgery, but I couldn’t find help due to insurance problems.

I contacted a hospital in Mexico where several of my family members and friends had gone for bariatric surgery. Even though it was considerably less expensive, I still couldn’t come up with the money.

In faith, I started the pre-op diet they sent me. 3 of my siblings had to have bariatric surgery to lose weight so I just assumed I was next.

I followed that pre-op diet. It was very strict, but I followed it to the letter. After 3 months on that diet, I had lost only 5 lbs!

I was beyond frustrated, and very close to giving up, and just going back to eating whatever I wanted since I wasn’t losing anyway.

I prayed! I asked God to show me what to do.

One week after my 39th birthday, I woke up and said “I’m starting keto!” (I had come across Thomas DeLauer on YouTube, and I started doing tons of research on it, reading/watching testimonials about people getting off all kinds of meds, dropping weight, and so much other wonderful side affects of keto. I also started watching Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Berg.)

Within 3 weeks of going strict Keto, I was off my diabetes meds, thyroid meds, and I no longer needed my cane!!! (I haven’t used it since! That was August 2019!”)

Within 6 months, I’d lost 60 lbs! That wasn’t a lot for most keto people, but that was a LOT for me!

I felt great, better than I had in years, but I still had high blood pressure, severe anxiety, and some joint pain.

I had heard about Carnivore/Zero Carb, and I had been doing research. I’ve always loved vegetables, and it had been drilled into me all my life, and on Keto, “EAT YOUR VEGGIES!” So I was struggling with the “only animal products” way of eating.

I came across Judy Cho, Laura Spath, Kelly Hogan, Dr. Shawn Baker, Charles Washington, and a few others in my YouTube searches.

After LOTS of research, I decided to go without veggies one evening for dinner. Then I didn’t have veggies the next day. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten veggies in a week or so, and I was feeling great!

In that first week, I lost 10 lbs that I’d gained after stalling on Keto.

I’ve lost 2 lbs since this last pic was taken. I’ve lost a total of 99 lbs from my highest weight!

Since going ZC, I’m now off my blood pressure meds (Lisinopril 30mg) and nearly off my anxiety meds (Lexapro 20mg). When I do feel I need something, I take only half a Lexapro, and only once a week or so. I also only need my acid reflux meds (omeprazole 49mg) every few days instead of every single day!

I continue to watch and read everything I can to learn more about why we thrive on this WOE. I’ve had hundreds of people contact me since I started losing weight. They all want to know what I’m doing, and can I guide them. As I learn, I share my new-found knowledge and wisdom!

My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I came across a photo from our 10th anniversary. I weighed 400 lbs, could barely walk, on TONS of meds, and I was wearing 5X clothes from Catherine’s (which is 6X most places), and they were almost too small.

My husband has lost about 40 lbs, even though he’s not 100% ZC.

I am so thankful to have found this WOE, and I share this with anyone who will listen!!! We can hardly wait to see where we’ll be down the road!

The Miller’s 20th Wedding Anniversary 03/04/2020
Joseph, size 58 suit (and it’s way too big).
Trudy, size 24 dress (and it’s too big).

7.5 weeks ZC/Carnivore so far, and life/health gets better and better and better!

Listen to Trudy’s interview on the Revero podcast here:

Grant improved performance on carnivore diet

Hey Doc,


I’m a college pitcher for Shepherd University and I was hit with some devastating news about a month ago, I will need my second arm surgery in two years to keep playing baseball.  With about a month and a half to go, I decided to go all out in the weight room so I don’t  lose too much strength while I recover.


Better everything

I saw you on Joe Rogan’s podcast and I gave the diet a try. This has been the easiest month of powerlifting of my life. My numbers increased by 8% in 30 days, I sleep better, I have more energy, I concentrate better in class and I recover so much faster. I also have no doubt that I would be throwing harder as well. This diet has truly changed my life in general performance. Not to mention I look better overall.


Easy diet, easy transition

My diet has been nothing but moose, deer, chicken and water. The transition was actually really easy, I ate when I was hungry and I haven’t had any cravings for sugar or carbs cause I’m just full.


Keep up the great work!

Joette got off 24 medications on carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Joette. Let me show you what an 80lb transformation looks like. In fact, the first 2 pics were taken the day before I had a gastric lap band installed. (18 years ago.) 7 years later the band would fail & nearly kill me. I had an emergency surgery & to have it removed. The 80lbs I had lost from the surgery came back almost immediately! I had a band on my stomach, which restricted my food intake, which also restricted my nutrients that lead to poor metabolism, destroyed my hormone health, etc…


On my way back again

Since Jan. 3, 2017 I have been effortlessly losing the 80lbs again, but have never restricted my calories, I have never felt starved or deprived! I’m sure I have fixed my metabolic health, hormones, depression, anxiety, cellular heath & much more! Up to July 31st 2018, I was eating #ketogenicdiet . Aug. 1, 2018 (my birthday) I switched to the #carnivorediet … My journey wasn’t just weight loss anymore, it was healing! 🙌

No more meds

I’m off 24 meds now, a CPAP machine, inhaler, infusions from the doctors office every 8 weeks, Celiac Disease & IBS under control, no more hypertension that had to be controlled with 4 different meds and ‘3’ Autoimmune Diseases in remission!


Carnivore challenge feeling good

I’m so thankful that put a 1 month Carnivore challenge out that August! This way of eating has been life changing for me! 🙏 Once I had completed that first month of Carnivore, there was NO WAY I was turning back! I had forgotten how it felt to feel good… I couldn’t remember ever feeling as good as I did in my life! People may think I’m strange for this way of eating! I don’t care, it’s working!


My health journey

I just want to share my health journey with you & maybe give someone a little encouragement. I am not where I want to be yet, but I’ve come a long way… I had been struggling for about 6 years with a LOT of symptoms that couldn’t seem to be diagnosed. So many different symptoms that I was sent to a Rheumatologist, Pulmonologist, Cardiologist, Hematologist & a Neurologist. As you can imagine, all of these Specialist found something to diagnose me with. And naturally they all began prescribing the meds…

The meds

Lots and lots of meds! 26 different medications to be exact. This took them about 3 years to do… So for the second half of the 6 years I should have been feeling better all medicated up, right? Nope, instead I ballooned up to 234lbs & actually felt worse. The diagnosis was Depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Sjogren’s Syndrome & Celiac Disease. Plus, I had Hypertension & Sleep Apnea, with a touch of Neuropathy.

Keto for weight loss

I decided to try to take charge of my weight on Jan. 3, 2017 with the Ketogenic Diet that I had heard about. Plus, it would be gluten-free for the Celiac Disease that I had just been diagnosed with. Well, I lost 80lbs in just 1 1/2 years… I discovered that this way of eating was definitely going to be sustainable. But, I felt like there had to be more benefits that I could be getting out of this way of eating, because I had heard & read stories of people healing their depression, etc… The only thing I had under control was the Celiac Disease. This is when I took the Carnivore Diet challenge…

Carnivore for optimal health

I thought what the heck, my weight is stalled so I might as well give it a try. I don’t think 2 weeks has passed into this Carnivore Diet I noticed that I was walking better, I didn’t have all the nagging pain I suffered with daily & I was sleeping better! I had some of my regular doctors visits during this time… Guess what?!?! My blood work started coming back amazing!

Confusing the doctor

My bloodwork was so amazing that my Hematologist was scratching his head trying to figure out what was going on… In 3 years that he’d been working with me & giving me iron infusions had he seen my numbers so good. I told the hematologist I knew why they were so good & why I’m feeling so good. I don’t think he wanted to hear what I had to say, but I told him anyway. I told him about the Carnivore Diet! He just did a face plant in his hands while shaking his head & mumbled “I’ve heard this a lot lately.” 😊In the next few months, I never lost any more weight. But, more amazing things started happening! I lost inches, I was able to come off of 24 out of 26 meds & I was able to stop using my CPAP machine!!!

Sharing with others

I want to share, share, share this info with you… Wishing to give hope to others or give someone the courage to try Carnivore if they are having qualms. I only wish I had known about Carnivore Diet sooner. Let’s all get the word out!

Marcos improved strength, stamina, and recovery on a carnivore diet

I’m a 50 year old former athlete. I’ve started Karate at the age of 12. It was brutal back then but somehow I decided to endure and, before I knew it, I was hooked.

I started entering tournaments in my first year and at 15 I was training 6 hours per day. Before 18 I was doing 8+ hours of training everyday at the dojo and with the Rio de Janeiro team and at 22 I was winning in the national championships.

I’m not a tall guy with only 5ft 5in height but even though I was very lean my weight was 187 pounds. I used to eat everything in my way in huge amounts without never getting fat due to extreme long training sessions.

Though Karate can be very rough and we did get hurt a lot I was healthy as one can be, very strong, fast and never got tired. I looked good and life was easy.


After several years as a professional athlete I had an accident while training and broke my jaw in 2 different places. I was submitted to a surgery where they put my jaw back in place and hold it with a titanium wire. I had to stay still for 2 months with steel wires around my teeth. It was at the end of the University and I was offered a job as character animator in a famous studio here. I took it.

I’ve got back to training as soon as the doctors let me but now, instead of training 8 hours I was sitting 8 hours drawing and only training 1 hour a day. My career  as an athlete was over. I kept teaching, training and weight lifting and even training Judo, as well as other Martial Arts, but never with the same intensity as before.

Weight Gain

After 30, without the brutal daily training and with the huge food consumption I started to gain a little weight. Then I got married and started working even more hours every day while exercising less and less until I stopped completely for some time.

At 40 I was sedentary weighting 260 pounds. I knew I was going to pay the price for that lifestyle and started to “eat healthy” and started training again. I did loose weight but I always get some of it back again. In time I was able to intensify my training and started to feel pain in the joints afterwards. I thought I needed to increase my strength and started weightlifting again.

At 49 I was in good condition. I was lifting really heavy weights, fighting bigger and younger guys. I had good stamina and I did several 5 min rounds daily. With all that, I kept strugling to mantain my weight and though I was eating paleo and went keto for some time, the weight I lose always seem to come back to me again.


I was doing everything right, according to common knowledge, and wasn’t getting the results everyone would expect. I went to see a doctor. An endocrinologist  famous for the results he achieves with his patients. He interviewed me thoroughly and took almost all my blood for testing and came with the news: “You f**d up your metabolism!”

My hormones were good for my age and the testosterone was “very good” according to him, but he wanted to give me hormones to fasten things up.

I said no.

The only thing left to do, he said, was to increase my metabolism and intensify my workouts. I had just turned 50 and despite my physical condition was way better than 10 years earlier, it was very hard to lose weight or even avoid gaining even more.

I turned 50 in December 2017 and though I felt stronger and with good stamina, but paid a heavy price after every intense training session. I realized that one, or even two, heavy intense short training (40 min) sessions per day were better than long lighter ones.


I’ve discovered this WOE in 2018 after dieting for 2 months without great results. After digging thoroughly for 2 weeks I decided to give it a try on February 10th and started to see the results at once.

I like meat. I always did. But to see at last that I don’t need anything else is simply perfect!

The weight started to drop since the first week. The bloated belly emptied away and the joints began to feel better. After 1 week I felt migraines for 2 days. I even felt feverish for one night but I kept myself on track…

Everything was different afterwards.

The rest of the month was smooth. After 50 days I got my blood tested and the numbers were all better, though they were never bad. The testosterone levels went even higher and I feel great.

After 100 days I am 40 pounds leaner and I don’t think I lost muscle. I feel stronger and my stamina increased. I’m punching harder even with less weight and despite the fact that I never lost flexibility, I can kick higher, faster and with less effort. 1 training session every day. Some days I do it twice a day. One extreme and intense, the other more technical and less demanding.

I have no cravings. I haven’t had any vegetal fiber since the first day. Just some seasoning such as peppers, dry garlic powder and a bit of sea salt in my meals. I drink only water, an ocasional black unsweetened coffee and, at home, I make yerba mate infusion. Nothing else.

I usually have 1 to 1.3 pound of meat once a day. If I go hungry after the evening training session, I take some Bacon and eggs, but normally I eat only once.

My mind is sharp as it can be. No joint pains or digestive issues. I’m never tired, even after long training sessions, and I sleep as a rock. Still losing weight and I feel the testosterone may be increasing even more…

I hope to lose more 15 or 17 pounds until June 23rd when I’ll be tested for 5th Dan.

Rachel treats digestive issues, anxiety, hair loss on carnivore diet

Meet Rachel, a 43-year-old mom from Sydney, Australia. After decades of yo-yo dieting, severe calorie restriction, weight loss surgery, and frustration from doing everything “right” but not seeing results, she finally found success on the carnivore diet and has experienced tremendous healing in just three months.

“People were always telling me I was fat. I was so self-conscious about what I was eating. I had severe stomach issues from a very young age, including chronic constipation and regular visits to the hospital and doctor’s office.” Despite eating more fruit, vegetables and drinking more water as she was advised to do, it made no difference, and she continued to gain weight.

“I had allergies to everything”, Rachel recalls. “If I got anywhere near new clothes or a new car my lips would swell and I’d get welts all over me. I was unable to hug friends just in case I was allergic to their perfume or washing detergent.” This all contributed to Rachel’s chronic anxiety.

Though she believed she was following the best nutrition advice at the time, Rachel saw no improvement in her weight while eating fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and whole grains and continuing to restrict calories. “My hair started to fall out and I was developing other problems due to a diet low in nutrients and animal fat. It was frustrating, because despite tracking calories and seeing on paper that I should be losing weight, I would end up heavier than where I was before I started.”

At age 34, Rachel reached her highest weight of 320 pounds, prompting her to have gastric band surgery. She lost 175 pounds in 18 months. However, she felt as though she was starving herself. “Despite the massive weight loss, I continued to have lots of issues with stomach cramping and pain. My doctor didn’t know what to do with me!” She eventually had the band removed, and by the time she turned 40, the weight had started to pile back on, and she developed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis and psoriasis.

After hearing about keto from a friend, Rachel gave it a try, and eventually transitioned over to the carnivore diet after hearing watching videos from Dr. Ken Berry. “In three months, I’ve lost about 15 pounds and my psoriasis and sciatica pain are completely gone. I am no longer constipated or bloated whatsoever, and my allergies are completely gone!” Rachel also saw drastic improvements in her dental health and skin.

“My anxiety is better, I’m no longer grinding my teeth,” she continues. “I’m working with a carnivore coach to help with my sugar cravings and weight loss goals, she’s helped me so much.” Rachel no longer worries about going to the doctor, and feels better than she has in years. “I believe in the carnivore diet because it supplies me with all of my nutrient needs without the need for supplementation. Eating meat is good for the body and it’s good for the earth! I am so grateful for the pioneers of this movement and for Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Ken Berry for all they are doing to inform people of this amazing way of life.”

Erik treats asthma, obesity, focus issues, and gout on a carnivore diet

Erik is 33 years old and has enjoyed various health benefits since starting the carnivore diet, including losing 50 pounds, finding focus at work, preventing gout flare-ups, and finally being able to retire his asthma inhaler.

Erik has struggled with his weight as long as he can remember, and had been on asthma medication since age 12. An avid wrestler in middle and high school, Erik bounced between different weight classes from 135 pounds and up to 220 pounds during those years. “There was a lot of weight cutting to try to get down to a certain level. It’s always been a struggle for me.”

Following high school, Erik signed up for the U.S. Marine Corp, but was medically discharged due to his worsening asthmatic symptoms and failing lung capacity. “The doctors had to do the lung capacity test four times in order for my results to register. It was still below the normal line, so I was sent home. It was devastating!”

Soon after, however, Erik had the opportunity to be his sister’s hero and donate one of his kidneys to her as she suffered from lupus and had been unable to find a match. After donating his kidney, Erik continued eating the standard American diet and his weight increased up to 280 pounds (on his 5’7” frame.) “My mood wasn’t good at all. I was married with two kids and my mental clarity at work just wasn’t there. I came back from a trip to Amsterdam and realized I had become a ‘fat American’. I knew things had to change!” he recalls.

After trying several different approaches to eating, Erik struggled to find one that worked for him. “I still believed that fat was the problem and needed to be avoided, so the low carb approach didn’t work for me,” Erik explains. “My sister had since gone vegan to help with her health issues, but I knew personally I enjoyed meat way too much.” Erik and his wife had invested in a local cow share, so that saved them money as he transitioned to a meat-based diet.

Erik discovered the carnivore diet through Dr. Shawn Baker’s podcast as well as interviews with Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, who follow and promote the Lion Diet. “My asthma had gotten so bad that I was using a rescue inhaler after eating to combat the inflammation.
I figured I’d give it a shot even though it sounded like the craziest thing!” Within his first ten days on the carnivore diet, Erik was able to completely come off his steroid inhalers.

The carnivore diet has been especially helpful for Erik because he discovered that avocados and green leafy vegetables actually caused him skin irritation. After fully adapting to the carnivore diet, his gout flare ups went away once he found ways to balance his electrolyte intake.

Erik’s asthma symptoms are 90% resolved in the months he’s been following the carnivore diet, and he now enjoys participating in Spartan race challenges. “This is the first time in nearly two decades that I’ve been able to push myself physically to see what I’m capable of, and not have to worry about my asthma symptoms. That kind of relief is probably unexplainable to anyone who hasn’t had an autoimmune issue.” Erik believes the fact that his life-long struggle with asthma has been resolved is the biggest proof that the carnivore diet works well for him.

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