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Steve improves libido and heals thyroid on a carnivore diet

Dr. Baker, I participated in the 90 day nequalsmany carnivore experiment and want to share my experience. My 90 days ends today, but I will be continuing with this way of eating, because the results have been so positive. There were a number of positive changes I experienced, including ones that were unexpected. Here is a short list:   My

Man heals from prostate enlargement, hypothyroidism on carnivore diet

Bob is 83 years old (August 2019), and began the Carnivore Diet in late 2018. Bob’s weight loss journey began with the Paleo diet 2 and a half years ago, then a low-carb high-fat diet 18 months ago. He then began the Carnivore Diet 8 months ago (January 2019) and that is when most of his weight loss occurred. He

Woman heals from multiple sclerosis (MS) on a carnivore diet

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) This woman had suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 25 years, and found significant relief from her symptoms after following the Carnivore Diet. Five years ago, her disease turned progressive and she knew she needed to find a way to heal.   The Mayo Clinic defines Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as a potentially disabling disease of the

Marina heals from pms on a carnivore diet

Marina’s Struggle With PMS Symptoms   Marina is a Pilates instructor from Russia who credits the Carnivore Diet for healing her PMS symptoms, rosacea, and fatigue. She grew up eating a lot of meat and animal fats but eventually caved into the pressure to add whole grains and olive oil.   The trouble started after she gave birth to her

Paola improves joint pain, connective tissue disorder on carnivore diet

Paola is in her forties and has been following the Carnivore Diet for a year and a half. She has noticed a dramatic improvement in a short amount of time. Three days after going “full carnivore,” her chronic joint pain completely disappeared. A few weeks later, her previously injured wrist and ankle finally healed after a year of no improvement.

Michael treats coeliac disease on carnivore diet

Michael’s Health Problems And Struggles   Michael is 44 years old and grew up in New Zealand. Always known for being “tall and skinny” at 6’5”, Michael had many health problems, including low energy, joint pain, coeliac disease, and depression.   Discovering The Carnivore Diet   At age 40, Michael found some success on a low-carb diet to help manage

Scott treats his son’s type I diabetes and hyperglycemia on a carnivore diet

Scott and his wife turned to the Carnivore Diet to help control their son’s Type 1 diabetes. After his blood sugar level was measured in the 300s and 400s, they decided the medical team’s advice to simply “count carbs and cover it with rapid-acting insulin” wasn’t a good solution.   A High Protein Diet for Controlling Blood Sugar “You never

Mark treats congestion, digestion, skin issues, arthritis on a carnivore diet

Mark’s Journey With The Carnivore Diet   Mark turned to the Carnivore Diet after finding out he would need a hip replacement. This was a surprise to him, as the 54-year-old had been eating a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and who had been active his whole life.   In an effort to treat his arthritis and

Shaun improves weight loss, digestion, and energy levels on a carnivore diet

Shaun has been following a 90% Carnivore Diet for four months. Aside from an occasional non-carnivore snack, his diet mainly consists of ruminant meats (beef and lamb), some chicken, tuna, and canned fish. He also consumes a half dozen eggs per day.   Shaun’s 90% Carnivore Diet Experience   Shaun notes, “I’m not religious about my diet, but I try

Robin heals from epilepsy, seizures, and joint pain on a carnivore diet

From Keto to Carnivore: A New Life   Robin is delighted to share her results with fellow carnivores or those who might be “carnivore curious.” This 57-year-old carnivore from San Diego notes that her story is not just about “looking cute in a bikini and losing weight,” although she did lose 35 pounds and 5 inches off her waist. For

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