Kari improved debilitating injuries on a carnivore diet

Kari’s Introduction to the Carnivore Diet


Kari, 48, has lost weight and healed from a painful shoulder injury since she began a carnivore diet. “I first heard about the carnivore way of eating from my son.” Kari’s son watched Dr.


Shawn Baker’s 2017 interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and shared the details with his mom. At first, Kari was skeptical of a diet that consisted of only animal products. “I really thought he was nuts!”


Healing from Frozen Shoulder


During this time, Kari was suffering from the debilitating effects of adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder. The condition develops due to the tightening of tissue in the shoulder joint. Over time, movement becomes restricted and very painful.


Most often, a frozen shoulder is caused by inactivity from another injury, such as a torn rotator cuff, broken arm, or related surgery.


Carnivore Diet as an Anti-inflammatory Approach


The condition is also common in people with diabetes or patients with chronically high blood sugar. In this case, the glucose molecule binds to the collagen protein in the shoulder joint and restricts movement. “I was in such horrific pain!” Kari recalls. “There seemed to be no end in sight.” 


Kari describes herself as a “determined person” who “faces things head-on.” With a desire to reclaim her health and restore mobility, Kari searched for the connection between diet and the effects of inflammation in the body. Once again, the carnivore diet approach came up in her search for answers. 


“I read about the carnivore diet being an anti-inflammatory diet, so I jumped in!” She began her carnivore journey on February 10, 2018, removing all plants and sugar from her diet and focusing only on animal products.


Expedited Recovery and Other Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


Eight months later, Kari is relieved to be in the final stage of healing her frozen shoulder. “I am now in the last stage of my recovery. The doctors call it the ‘thawing out’ stage.” It can take anywhere from five months to over two years, but on a carnivore diet, Kari is seeing results more rapidly. 


Kari’s doctor prescribed a saline injection administered directly to her shoulder to help with the severe pain, and she completed several physical therapy sessions to improve mobility and restore her range of motion.


Both of these interventions helped, but Kari believes her meat-based diet was a significant factor in her expedited recovery. “I was told it could take years to resolve,” but since she’s been on a carnivore diet, “I’m recovering much faster than a normal case.” 


While her goal was to heal inflammation and treat her frozen shoulder, Kari is thrilled with other commonly reported “side effects” of a carnivore diet. 


“I’ve lost a solid 10 pounds and am losing inches!” she says after following the diet for eight months. “I’m fitting into smaller pants, and I’m buckling my belts tighter,” Kari says she has grown to enjoy the carnivore lifestyle. “I love the simplicity of a carnivore diet. I truly believe it has helped me heal!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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