Michelle improved her autoimmune issue and joint pain on a carnivore diet

My History with Food and Diets 


I have quite a history with food and diets. Since Junior High, I have maintained a 30 lb weight range (118-148 lbs) which fell into the “normal” range for my 5’5″ height. I struggled with anorexia in my early teens, and then in the 80-90’s, I ate low-fat/low-calorie, exercised, and was bulimic.


Through 7 pregnancies and nursing, I would eat “normal low fat SAD” and then return to calorie restriction and bulimia & over the counter diet pills/supplements.


From Anorexia to Bulimia to Paleo and Keto 


In 2003 I tried Atkins, eating mostly low fat/low carb/low calorie, and was able to maintain my weight without bulimia, but I still exercised regularly. Being hypoglycemic, I had times I would pass out or even have seizures from blood sugar drops.


In 2007 I turned to Paleo, but I was at my highest weight and didn’t feel comfortable/confident. In 2012 diagnosed with breast cancer & had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I then began Keto/HFLC and chased ketones for several years!


The Discovery of the Carnivore Diet 


In 2013 a rash developed on my shins. I saw numerous doctors and specialists with no answers (family doctor diagnosed scabies :/, the dermatologist tried numerous topical creams, and I ended up with the strongest steroid cream and living on Benadryl for itch).


After some research, in 2015, I did a 21-day water fast – my skin began to clear after a week, and by the end of 3 weeks, I was free of rash & inflammation. I returned to eating Keto, and the rash returned.


The Healing Power of the Carnivore Diet 


A naturopath ordered several tests & discovered I was gluten/dairy/nut/corn intolerant, my hormones were all over the place, my thyroid wasn’t functioning optimally, and I had developed an autoimmune disorder.


I then began AIP, which was very difficult as most of the veggies I liked were nightshades or on the “no” list. The rash and incredibly itchy, inflamed, red, alligator-like skin was consuming me again – even the cream (which could only be used for two weeks then off two weeks) wasn’t working.


I listened to Dr. Shawn Baker on a podcast and decided to join the N=many experiment. I began Carnivore on 9/15/17, and within a week, my rash was gone, and inflammation was greatly reduced. After three months, I had no rash/achy joints/headaches/sniffles/inflammation, and my blood glucose is much more level.


Hope for the Future 


I would love to have dairy again someday, but at this point, I’m just hoping to heal my body from the years of mistreatment. If only I had discovered Carnivore 35 years ago!!! I’ve continued to run half and full marathons and Pikes Peak since Carnivore, practice Yoga & feel fabulous and confident with Carnivore. 🙂


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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