Michael treats coeliac disease on carnivore diet

Michael’s Health Problems And Struggles


Michael is 44 years old and grew up in New Zealand. Always known for being “tall and skinny” at 6’5”, Michael had many health problems, including low energy, joint pain, coeliac disease, and depression.


Discovering The Carnivore Diet


At age 40, Michael found some success on a low-carb diet to help manage his coeliac disease but still struggled with recovery after playing rugby at a competitive level. “After I stopped playing rugby, my weight went up to 158kg (348lb), which is the main reason I started the Carnivore Diet.”


Michael found himself in a rut working long hours at work suffering from depression and headaches. After learning about Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson’s success with the Carnivore Diet on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he knew he had to try it.


Incredible Changes In Just 3 Days


Just three days in, Michael was amazed at the changes in his body. “You know, when you live your whole life feeling a certain way, you don’t know any different. I felt a thousand percent…easily ten times better than I had ever felt!” 


In six weeks, Michael went from 132kg (291 lbs) to 115kg (254 lbs). “I just felt phenomenal. I was basically floating on air. I had NO joint pain, and my mood was amazing…I was just loving life and excited about the things I got to do.”


Veering Off The Path: The Consequences


However, six weeks after going carnivore, Michael veered off the path and fell back into his old eating habits with a visit to a popular fast-food restaurant. For two weeks, his joint pain and depression returned, and he was miserable!


“This experience made it clear that this is what I’ve got to do–the Carnivore Diet is not really a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle choice. It’s just something that’s going to be done. I can’t go back to the way I was eating before.”


Commitment To A New Lifestyle


The decision to stay on the Carnivore Diet was a turning point for Michael. He found he was more productive at work and even chose to walk 40 minutes there because he was once again free of joint pain.


“My vision actually improved, and my thinking was clearer. I do a lot of problem-solving at work as a packaging designer and running machines. I found everything was coming quicker, and I was more productive.”


Given the success and improvements he has had, Michael is committed to this way of eating. “I can honestly say now that I wouldn’t have reached the age of 50 carrying on how I was before following the Carnivore Diet. I have a new lease on life! Meat does heal, and I’m walking proof of that.”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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