Scott treats his son’s type I diabetes and hyperglycemia on a carnivore diet

Scott and his wife turned to the Carnivore Diet to help control their son’s Type 1 diabetes. After his blood sugar level was measured in the 300s and 400s, they decided the medical team’s advice to simply “count carbs and cover it with rapid-acting insulin” wasn’t a good solution.


A High Protein Diet for Controlling Blood Sugar

“You never really know how many carbs are in a meal, and you’re trying to control a huge blood sugar spike with another rapid-acting drug. So we did some research, and four and a half months ago we decided to try the Carnivore Diet.”


Scott and his wife were inspired by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s method for controlling blood sugar with a high protein diet. As a family, they made the decision to shift to the Carnivore Diet from a mostly plant-based diet they had been doing for years. The results were incredible! “My son’s blood sugar went from 6.8 down to 5.7, and we expect that will continue to go down.”


Scott’s Son’s Incredible Results on the Carnivore Diet

Their son continues to follow the Carnivore Diet 90% of the time. Scott continues, “I would say he loves the diet and he’s not tired of it at all. He’ll have eggs and bacon in the morning, lunch meat or hamburger for lunch, and then steak, chicken, or salmon for dinner. We aim to give him the same amount of protein in each meal.” Occasionally, he will have strawberries with meals, and Scott and his wife simply monitor the small amount of carbs by checking his blood glucose levels and treating with regular insulin (available without a prescription).


What a Typical Day of Eating Looks Like for Scott’s Family

In a show of support, Scott and his wife also follow a mostly carnivore way of eating, with a few additional vegetables at lunch. They enjoy eggs and bacon for breakfast, 12 ounces of meat, or bunless burgers. For lunch, they might have a small salad with asparagus, and then 10-16 ounces of meat for dinner.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Scott and His Family

Scott says, “For me, it’s worked out really well! My digestion is great, and I feel amazing. I’m putting on more lean muscle mass, and I have lots of energy and no mental fog.”


Scott was also pleased to find that his cravings are gone, another common benefit for carnivore eaters. He continues, “I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I don’t look at carbs and wish I could eat them, or feel like I’m deprived in any way.”


Adding Organ Meats to the Diet: A New Favorite for the Family

Another carnivore food Scott and his family have come to enjoy is liver, blended up with hamburger meat. This is a great way to get more vitamin and nutrient-rich organ meats into their diet.


Scott’s Final Verdict on the Carnivore Diet

So, after four and a half months, what’s the verdict for Scott and his family? “I really recommend this way of eating, or at the very least, adding more protein to your diet.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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