Mark treats congestion, digestion, skin issues, arthritis on a carnivore diet

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Mark turned to the Carnivore Diet after finding out he would need a hip replacement. This was a surprise to him, as the 54-year-old had been eating a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and who had been active his whole life.

In an effort to treat his arthritis and joint deterioration, Mark switched to the Carnivore diet, eating mostly beef, some fresh fish, bone broth and limited amounts of dairy and butter. He also includes organ meats such as liver and kidney 2-3 times per week.

Mark shared his results with us in the 2 videos below. The first update is 11 months into his journey (2018) as he was preparing for a hip replacement surgery, and the second video is an interview with Revero coach Tracy in 2020 after he recovered from the surgery and was back to his usual active routine.

Mark noted an unexpected benefit of going carnivore that occurred early on and has maintained to this day: no more nasal congestion! His previous diet had included a lot of unprocessed plant foods and colorful salads with plenty of protein. “My diet was mostly fresh vegetables and meat, with some rice and potatoes. But after eating these meals my nose would get blocked up with mucus. After going carnivore, that all stopped and hasn’t returned.”

Another major improvement for Mark is better digestion. When he was eating mostly salads during his 4-5 hour intermittent fasting window, he says, “I would get really bloated and gassy. It was embarrassing! Id’ have to lie down and just process the gas and bloat in my stomach.” He recalls spending a lot of time in the bathroom and suspected that his body had trouble digesting the high volume of plant matter.

“Digestion on the Carnivore Diet has been a 180 degree change! I don’t have to eat as much food because carnivore foods are more nutrient-dense than plants. I’ll eat my steak and bacon and won’t feel bloated at all. I can just get up and go about my day and not be bloated. I use the restroom less often, I’m digesting what I eat, and I no longer have to worry about it.”

Mark goes on to share that he no longer gets a troublesome energy spike after a big meal that used to cause his heart to race, which happened regularly before switching to a meat-based diet. He enjoys sustained energy throughout the day, and no longer feels the need to snack throughout the day. And to top it all off, he has more time to do the things he loves. “Meat in the freezer makes eating and meal prep so much simpler, it frees up your life!”

In terms of other noticeable changes, Mark shares, “My skin feels smoother and more elastic, and I no longer get clogged pores, zits or dry, cracked skin.” He also experiences improved mental clarity in his fifties. “My memory is a bit crisper, and my focus has improved. Now I can remember phone numbers–that blows my mind!”

Two years into his carnivore journey, Mark shares on the Carnivore.Diet podcast that he originally started the Carnivore Diet after suffering from chronic issues with his hip and severe joint pain. Years of heavy weightlifting and a very active lifestyle were the main factors putting stress on his joints. While he still needed to have his right hip replaced, doctors noticed a significant improvement in his left hip. “When I first got diagnosed at 55 before I started eating carnivore, they said my right hip is really bad and my left side isn’t far behind. But when I went in post-op for an x-ray, they said your left side looks pretty good and you should be okay.”

Mark also noticed his post-op recovery was faster on the Carnivore Diet. He was back exercising and going about his normal activities six week after his hip replacement surgery! Mark credits shifting to the Carnivore Diet and continuing with intermittent fasting as the major factors of his success.

“I went into this as a skeptic, but I just can’t deny some of the changes and benefits I’ve seen since starting the Carnivore Diet.”

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