Shaun improves weight loss, digestion, and energy levels on a carnivore diet

Shaun has been following a 90% Carnivore Diet for four months. Aside from an occasional non-carnivore snack, his diet mainly consists of ruminant meats (beef and lamb), some chicken, tuna, and canned fish. He also consumes a half dozen eggs per day.


Shaun’s 90% Carnivore Diet Experience


Shaun notes, “I’m not religious about my diet, but I try to stick to it as best I can.” He doesn’t track macros or calories, but he has found this way of eating to be simple and effective. He reports that his digestion has reached a state of perfection. “As long as I eat carnivore-based food, I have no issues at all.”


Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet For Digestion


Since the beginning of his carnivore journey, he has not experienced any digestive issues: no diarrhea, zero constipation, no nausea, and no bloating. This was a huge improvement from where he started just four months prior.


If you are struggling with any of these digestive issues, following the Carnivore Diet may provide you with similar relief from an array of digestive issues.


Ruminant Meat And Nutrient Density


While the Carnivore Diet allows for the consumption of a variety of different meats, ruminant meat such as beef and lamb is particularly noted. Ruminants are an ideal source of nutrients such as vitamins B12, B3, and B6, selenium, and zinc. These animals have unique four-chambered stomachs.


Unlike humans, ruminant animals have more flora to handle the hard-to-digest cellulose found in plants. Humans cannot make cellulase, the necessary enzyme that breaks down cellulose, but microbes in the rumen produce it for these animals.


Because of this, many people who previously had issues digesting vegetables notice a remarkable improvement when switching over to a meat-based diet.


Increased Energy And Weight Loss On The Carnivore Diet


During his first four months on the Carnivore Diet, Shaun has noticed a significant improvement in his energy levels. Increased energy is a common benefit to those who follow the Carnivore Diet, no matter your age or activity level.


As others have experienced, weight loss is another benefit of choosing carnivore-based meals. Shaun reports effortlessly shedding 2-3 kilos (4-6 pounds). Depending on your specific health goals and current body composition, the amount of weight you lose on the Carnivore Diet may differ from this or fluctuate over time.


Keeping It Simple With The Carnivore Diet


Shaun’s approach to the Carnivore Diet is keeping it simple! Unlike some eating plans, Shaun doesn’t worry about consuming 80% fat, counting calories, writing down his food for the day, or tracking macros.


He finds the cuts of meat he chooses to provide the perfect balance of nutrients for satiety. His simple approach to food creates less stress over what to eat and how much.


With the Carnivore Diet, you can simplify things like grocery shopping, food preparation, and meal planning. Many carnivores also report feeling hungry less often and only eating one or two meals per day.


While this varies based on the individual, you can look forward to incredibly delicious, satisfying, and nutritious food choices!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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