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Rick, 40 years on the carnivore diet, improves energy, digestion, and overall vitality

Rick, a lifelong resident of South Florida, grew up in an environment where he was introduced to a variety of diets, including the vegetarian diet. He experimented with it in his early years, but it left him feeling miserable and dissatisfied. Rick desired a more satiating and satisfying way of nourishing his body, and this pursuit led him to the

Cassi overcame ankylosing spondylitis, Bartonella, and Lyme disease on a carnivore diet

Cassi began her carnivore journey in August 2022. In 2020, Cassi developed back pain that was so bad that she could hardly walk. She was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful autoimmune disease that causes the joints in the spine to become inflamed. Her condition continued to worsen, and she began using a walker. She was 28. Cassi needed answers.

Irina overcame candida infection, vitamin D deficiency, and vasculitis on a carnivore diet

Irina’s Struggle with Various Ailments   Irina struggled with many different ailments before she found the carnivore diet. She had Candida, IBS, a vitamin D deficiency since birth, bleeding gums, vasculitis that manifested when she was a teenager, PCOS, chronic inflammation, and exercise-induced asthma.   Her doctors told her, “This is just how it is; some people are just affected

Ron got rid of skin tags, snoring, back pain, diverticulosis, toenail fungus, anxiety

Before After Ron’s Weight Loss Journey: From Construction to Carnivore   Growing up near the Adirondacks in upstate New York, Ron worked in the family construction business and was a lifelong subscriber to the Standard American Diet. In high school, he was 5’6″ and 205lbs, with a 36-inch waist. Since his work kept him active, he was able to stay

Janet loses weight on a mainly carnivore diet

A Mindset Shift at 57   I’ve been chubby almost all my life. I’ve lost weight but unable to keep it off. In October of 2016, at the age of 57 I had a mindset change and became motivated to be healthy enough to enjoy my future grandkids. Family history was not good; my father died in his sleep at

Dwight B thrives on carnivore diet

An Active Lifestyle at 71: Tennis, Mountain Biking, and More     I am 71 years old, retired, and now live in Idaho. Sports include tennis, mountain biking, kayaking, river climbing, and softball. Health has generally been good, but I had irritable bowel syndrome for many years and skin cancer in several places, removed with Mohs surgery.   At retirement,

Nanci heals from osteopenia on the carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Nanci. I am 66 years old, a mother of 4 with one wonderful stepson, and a grandmother of 9. I was an RN and retired in 2016. I have been married to a wonderful man for 43 years and have also served as a pastor’s wife for over 30 years.   Early Struggles with Weight and

Sara J healed boils, sarcopenia, and dysphoric pré-menstrual disorder on a carnivore diet

Sara’s Journey to a Plant-Based Diet   Sara did not realize the seven years she spent eating plant-based (first as a vegetarian, then vegan, and lastly raw vegan) would do so much damage to her health. She says she now realizes she was “brain-washed.”   She speaks of her government pushing a meatless diet. Sara also says she felt she

Matt eliminated athlete’s foot and heartburn on a carnivore lifestyle

Before discovering the carnivore diet, Matt says his eating consisted of pizza, spaghetti, bread, and an addiction to Oreos. Matt says he didn’t have any significant health issues as you would expect from a forty-year-old eating the Standard American Diet. However, he did experience intense acid reflux and athlete’s foot, and he also noticed his moods were not completely stable.

Bobby’s enjoying relief from Hidradenitis Suppurativa on a carnivore diet

After many years of “yo-yo” dieting on low-fat and calorie-restricted diets, Bobby has regained his health, lost over 150 pounds, and healed from painful skin conditions that affected his quality of life.   Bobby’s Weight Loss Journey and Struggles   Bobby was overweight for much of his adult life. Over the years, he had some success losing weight with low-fat

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