Dwight B thrives on carnivore diet

An Active Lifestyle at 71: Tennis, Mountain Biking, and More



I am 71 years old, retired, and now live in Idaho. Sports include tennis, mountain biking, kayaking, river climbing, and softball. Health has generally been good, but I had irritable bowel syndrome for many years and skin cancer in several places, removed with Mohs surgery.


At retirement, my son got me into weightlifting. That got me into nutrition & began keto four years ago. I heard Shawn on the Joe Rogan re-podcast and decided to go full carnivore three years ago (in September).


The Benefits of Carnivore for a 71-Year-Old: Improved Strength, Flexibility, and More


Results include: 

  • lost 15 pounds, including all belly fat (body fat down to 9%)
  • improved strength, agility, flexibility, quickness, and alertness
  • able to get lots of sun without burning
  • able to cut workout rest periods in half
  • fully lost sweet tooth, hay fever, athlete’s foot, back rash, and weakness in ankles
  • able to nose breathe at night (sleep extremely well now)
  • worked with Evan Brand in spring, had full blood work done: all okay (HDL 81; Trig 78; LDL type A; hormones, minerals all fine)

A Typical Day for a Carnivore: Workouts, Youtube Videos, and Time with Family


Typical day: 

  • Workout (resistance training 5-6 days/week; sprints for cardio)
  • Tennis
  • Video editing for Youtube channel & website
  • High protein lunch
  • Outdoor activity with grandkids or yard work, etc.
  • High protein dinner.

How Sharing Key Information on Carnivore Helped His Loved Ones


I had two loved ones, pre-diabetic, with whom I wanted to share carnivore. I decided to create very short videos of key points by researchers and doctors like Shawn Baker, Ben Bikman, Ted Naiman, Jason Fung, and Paul Mason for easy, comfortable sharing. Both are now recovered and continuing with carnivore-ish diets.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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