David remedies IBS and insomnia, improves mental clarity on carnivore diet

At 34 years of age, David calls Malaysia home. He was suffering from fatty liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and insomnia.


Healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Improving Gut Health


3 ½ years ago, he began eating a ketogenic diet, later switching over to his current carnivore lifestyle for the last two years. David has seen his health dramatically take a turn for the better.


David says that his irritable bowel syndrome has healed and that “my bowel movements are great now.”


Lowering Visceral Fat Score: A Vital Change


David’s visceral fat score improved as well, saying, “I’ve dropped from a two-digit visceral fat score to a single, very, very low single digit.” This single improvement can transform a person’s health! Visceral fat promotes metabolic disease, as well as making your belly larger.


Fitness Improvement with a Carnivore Lifestyle


David found fitness to be a challenge, as “I’ve got three kids, so I seldom; I don’t have time to go to the gym. I try maybe once or twice a week. Despite this limitation, his fitness has improved.


“I used to weigh almost 80 kilograms; right now, I’m down to about 63, 64, and I’m still losing a little bit more fat, but I’m still retaining or gaining lean mass.”


Boosting Brain-Based Improvements with Carnivore Diet


He is noting brain-based improvements as well, saying, “Since I’ve switched to a carnivore diet and removed pretty much all plants, even now, I’m trying removing coffee as well (it’s day 10), I realize that my mental clarity is far better.


My energy is great; I’ve also realized that I sleep much, even better than before, although I only sleep four to six hours a day. I wake up fresh and can power through the day, and I rarely take naps in between.”


David’s energy has improved as a result of eliminating caffeine, too: “I’ve also realized that my energy level is much much better after I’ve removed the caffeine as well, and definitely removing all plants.”


Clearing Acne and Enhancing Skin Health with a Carnivore Diet


He has seen his skin improve as well, saying, “Most of the acne on my body and a bit on my face has cleared up. I’d say about 99% is gone.”


He finds that his skin is much healthier: “I find that I have much better skin. I am glowing. I’m radiant. I used to sunburn easily and not tan…I don’t get sunburned anymore.”


Mental and Cognitive Benefits of the Carnivore Diet


David says that overall, “I feel stronger, and I have not been sick for the past three and a half years, except for two years ago when I contracted mild case pneumonia from my son.”


David has also experienced significant mental benefits from his carnivore diet, saying, “My mind is very clear, my mental clarity is amazing. My cognitive responses are great.”


Enhancing Dental Health, Libido, and More with a Carnivore Diet


He has also seen improvements in other areas: “I realize that my nails and teeth are stronger as well. I don’t have any more cold or aching feelings in my teeth. I seldom have ulcers in my mouth, and the libido part is pretty good, vastly increased, I have to say!”


David says, “Try it. You’ll never regret it!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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