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Marina manages depression and weight on a carnivore diet

My health journey began in my early 20s when I had just come home from college. I had often wondered why I had more gas and reacted worse to certain foods than some people, but it was one day when I experienced unexpected and random, severe stomach cramps that I decided to make a change.   My grandmother had recently

Chana heals from NAFLD, skin issues, digestive issues, and pre-diabetes on a carnivore diet

Chana’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet   Chana is located in Israel and has been on a carnivore diet for nine months. Her career was in music education, and she had been teaching as an orchestra director in New York and Pennsylvania since 1973. She also taught string instruments privately and in groups.   From Vegetarianism to Carnivore: Chana’s Diet

Getting Hung Up on Health Markers

Often when people follow some form of a low-carb diet, they focus on monitoring certain things through blood testing to get some insight into the effects of diet. Blood testing provides some data and often can help to troubleshoot problematic health issues. Before I get into some of the common observations that I’ve made about carnivore dieters, let me put

Ray’s Scale No Longer Dies Beneath Him

Age: 65   Former Athlete to Morbid Obesity   I was formerly athletic and became morbidly obese, peaking at least 365 pounds. I actually don’t know HOW HIGH my final weight went because my scale DIED beneath me one morning. Within half a year of this dietary change (heavy meat ketovore), I was down to 332 pounds and feeling great.

Tia gave up her love affair with carbs on a carnivore diet

I was heading down a bad road with lots of health problems. My cousin and a dear friend pushed me to change my life and to look at my illness as a carb addiction. He found Dr. Cywes to help me.   It has been a lifestyle change that has been the hardest thing I have ever done. My main

Eric healed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, migraines, arthritis on carnivore lifestyle

From Vegetarianism to Carnivore Diet   Eric has struggled with food allergies and sensitivities for most of his life. Eric tried to follow the vegetarian diet for almost ten years, but the diet wreaked havoc on his body. Over time, Eric learned he is allergic to eggs and sensitivities to many vegetables and grains.   Eric is a farmer and

Chandler reversed non-alcoholic fatty liver, GI issues, and inflammation on carnivore diet

Chandler’s Health Struggles   Chandler describes himself as relatively healthy during his childhood and teen years, despite his terrible diet. He found himself snacking all day, eating a lot of candy and other non-nutritious foods, drinking five to ten diet or regular sugary sodas daily, and drinking up to five cups of coffee.   Chandler even had a habit of

Kelly improved her kidney disease on a carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a 54 year old female. I have been doing the carnivore diet for 3.75 years. Losing My Liver and Colon I had to have a liver transplant due to autoimmune disease in 2013 and then lost my colon to ulcerative colitis in 2015. I wish I had known about the carnivore diet back

Larry reversed diabetes on carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Larry. I am a U. S. Army Veteran, Sgt., GI Bill College graduate, and a retired aerospace engineer. I Died, For Real   I had a heart attack and died while riding my bicycle 10 miles from my home. A truck driver broke several of my ribs, reviving me.   Two weeks later, I woke up

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