Shawn W manages obesity, diabetes, NAFLD, hypertension, and depression on a carnivore diet


I have been overweight and unhealthy my whole life. I have always wanted to help people and to make a long story short, I worked EMS for 12 years. I was a paramedic for a few of those and an EMT for the others. In 2019 I end up losing my job due to being sick, tired, and unfit for duty basically. I was always tired. I could barely get around. I had no business trying to be in that role anyway. I was in worse shape mentally and physically than a lot of the patients I was trying to help. I was sent to my PCP office from work one morning after a yearly wellness check for our benefits renewals after the NP found my blood pressure 210/160. I was put on blood pressure meds.

After losing my job the depression and anxiety got worse and worse until I found myself not doing anything other than lying on the couch, only to get up and go to the restroom and back to the couch. I was over 457 lbs. It wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (A1C 6.8) and NAFLD. I have been pre-diabetic for over 25 years. I had sleep apnea, gout, and low testosterone, I couldn’t see a way out of it and was hopeless.

Listening to a Joe Rogan podcast one day I heard him and Rhonda Patrick talking about the carnivore diet. I wondered more about it. So I hit up YouTube. I can across this crazy Dr.Ken Berry. I thought he was nuts. But the more I listened, the more sense he made. He wasn’t trying to sell anything or get people to buy a plan or a pill. So, I said what do I have to lose. April 17, 2022, was the day I had had enough of living the way I was living. I found my way into a group on Facebook and found a community. In that community they did a BBBE challenge. So I got in on it. I still eat BBBE over a year later. Well, minus the bacon mostly.

Then in July the group did a walking challenge. I again, got in. Made a short video (which is on my channel) which was the first time I had been outside for a walk anywhere in over 3 years. One thing led to another and here we are:

  • 245lbs lost
  • Type 2 diabetes reversed (A1C 5.2)
  • NAFLD reversed
  • No more sleep apnea
  • Depression gone
  • No more allopurinol or chochicine for gout, and no flair ups
  • Off 1 HTN medications and bp is low normal, about to come off the others

I do take testosterone replacement, but hopefully that goes up over time and I can come off that medication also.

Started a YouTube channel sharing my story in April of this year and the purpose is to reach those who are where I was just a short time ago. The message is one that can really transform people’s life if they will try it and see. First, they have to know. Every person I speak to is one more possibility to share a story that links to mine. It shows people that they don’t have to settle for the life they have. By simply changing the way they eat, to eating the proper human nutrients they can step by step change their entire life. I am living that out to show them by example. The best way I know how. I do live shows and communicate in FB groups. And have taken hundreds of calls from regular people who are looking for someone to believe in them and show them a way. That’s how I want m “Success story to be written now” by being able to pass it on.

Shawn W

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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