Tyler improved weight, GERD, pain, mobility, depression, and high blood pressure on a carnivore diet

Hello my name is Tyler. I am from Southwest Ohio and have been involved in public safety for over 10 years. Exercise and nutrition have been a part of my life since I was 9 years old. I want to highlight when I was at my worst physically and mentally. Also how removing refined oils and carbs to eventually becoming carnivore and experiment with fruit has got me on my best.

Meat has always been a staple of my diet until I was at my worst. However, especially when I wanted to be as big and strong as possible I could go to the gym, throw around weight and then smash for Chick-fil-A sandwiches and fries. I was too heavy to sleep on my bag and just accepted the nightly gerd and sleep apnea to be normal. Overall I was still pretty mobile so it did not bother me.

In April 2021, I sustained a work-related back injury. I followed the medical guidance and became sedentary. At this time my diet became even more processed due to seeking a sense of comfort that muscle relaxers and narcotic pain meds were not able to provide. I went from being able to bench press over 500 lb to not being able to sit upright or hold my newborn child  after spinal injections. I continued to eat Pop-Tarts and other heavily processed foods and became seriously depressed. I wasn’t a man anymore, just a fragile blog I couldn’t take care of his family. I tried not to show it on the surface, maybe if I was a man I would have succeeded.

In November of 2021 I eventually had a hemi laminectomy and discectomy my l4 and l5 vertebrae. I have complications with coming out of anesthesia and my pink cannot be controlled to the point where I was awake and couldn’t respond. I was able to see my blood pressure lower, my jaw was locked open and I could not expand my chest to breathe.

Once home, the pain meds eventually became ineffective. I was at a crossroads of losing weight and erasing the pain and hoped I would eventually adjust, or out my medication and stay sedentary. I decided to win all the meds and eventually in January 2022 I removed all seed oils refined carbs out of my diet. My mobility drastically improved and along with controlling inflammation on my diet I became healthier. In a period of about a month and a half I lost 45 lbs and was able to change my perception of pain. My diet became car or due to realizing my own sense of comfort food became my own prison.

I have not regained the ability to lift as heavy as I used to. However, I believe that this was lost due to the poor diet, lack of mobility and not optimal medical procedures during the majority of the year of 2021. Since being on a carnivore diet and regaining my mobility, my strength has roughly stayed the same even with less time dedicated to strength training.

In July of 2022 I started running. I found that a carnivorous diet helped me to recover very consistently. I gained the confidence to sign up for my first ever race which was a 50K trail race on less than 2 months notice. I completed my first ever race in February of 2023. Since then I completed another 50k trail race and actively training for a hundred-mile race at the end of July.

I strongly believe that the regularity of this mostly carnivore diet went hand and hand with movements that have been life-saving and restored me to being the father and husband that I want to be. I am excited to see how much better I can become.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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