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Adam improves vitiligo, brain fog, and TBI on a carnivore diet

The Prelude: A Struggle with Health Adam, at 47 years old, stands in his Dayton, Ohio kitchen, reflecting on a time when life felt like an uphill battle. As a professional photographer, his creativity was stifled by health issues – overweight, plagued with brain fog, and an overall sense of lethargy. His journey towards better health was about to take

Rick, 40 years on the carnivore diet, improves energy, digestion, and overall vitality

Rick, a lifelong resident of South Florida, grew up in an environment where he was introduced to a variety of diets, including the vegetarian diet. He experimented with it in his early years, but it left him feeling miserable and dissatisfied. Rick desired a more satiating and satisfying way of nourishing his body, and this pursuit led him to the

Michelle ran her first half-marathon at 61 on a low-carb diet

Background Information   12/2021 Started Carnivore – At that time, I was using a type of macro tracker which, based upon my metrics and goals, had me at adequate protein, low fat, and low carb. Since the end of 2018, I had been dealing with chronic forearm tendonitis and both lateral and medial elbow pain in my left arm.  

Christina Manages Hypoglycemia And Is Headed To The World Masters Athletics Championships

From Soccer to Running: Christina’s Journey   An avid athlete, Christina grew up on red meat and casseroles. When she got to college, however, she swapped out the red meat for a “healthier” diet of grilled chicken, salad, protein shakes, and Special K cereal—the low-fat / high-carb diet recommended to athletes the world over.   Initially a soccer player, she

Alex gets relief from PTSD, weight, joint pain, heart burn, and ADHD on the carnivore diet

Alex, 57, is a carpenter and lives in Colorado. He grew up in Boulder and likes to ski and race mountain bikes.   From Struggling to Thriving: Alex’s Journey with Carnivore Diet   Alex longed to be a natural athlete but always had to “struggle” for his performance.   Anytime he got fit, Alex restricted his calories and exercised “like

Ray’s Scale No Longer Dies Beneath Him

Age: 65   Former Athlete to Morbid Obesity   I was formerly athletic and became morbidly obese, peaking at least 365 pounds. I actually don’t know HOW HIGH my final weight went because my scale DIED beneath me one morning. Within half a year of this dietary change (heavy meat ketovore), I was down to 332 pounds and feeling great.

Susan healed severe gut issues and damaged Achilles tendon on a carnivore lifestyle

From Whole Foods to the Carnivore Diet: Susan’s Health Journey   Susan always considered herself to be a person who prioritized her health. Susan always ate whole foods and had been gluten-free for many years. Susan says she loves vegetables, especially sweet potatoes, spinach, beets, and broccoli, and spent most of her life eating a “mostly vegetarian” diet.   Discovering

David reduced damage to knees and gained muscle on a carnivore lifestyle

Dave Struggled With Pain Before Carnivore   For many years, David struggled with pain in his knees. He even had knee surgery at just 15 years old. After suffering so much pain, David stopped exercising when he was 23. He describes his diet for most of his life as “standard,” and he even developed a bit of a limp in

Holly healed her Plantar Fasciitis on a carnivore diet

Emotional Attachment to Food and Failed Diets   Holly grew up in a loving family of “gourmet chefs”, and from a young age, formed emotional attachments to food. While otherwise a healthy child she developed a dairy intolerance in her teens that led her down a path of different ways of eating, but nothing helped her food addiction and weight

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