Alberto resolves ulcerative colitis, improves energy on carnivore diet

From Medication To Meat: Alberto’s Journey To Health

At 40 years of age, Alberto suffered from ulcerative colitis for half of his adult life and was on every medication imaginable with very limited success. At times the pain he experienced was unbearable: 5 to 10 minutes of feeling normal, then excruciating abdominal pain causing him to double over with cramps. Frequent periods of sudden bathroom urgency were part of his life.


The Keto Diet: A Game-Changer For Alberto

Alberto paints cars for a living. One day a fellow worker made an offhand remark about the keto diet, which Alberto thought was the craziest thing he’d ever heard. His initial research said that it may help with gastrointestinal issues. That was all it took. He would give it an 8-week trial period.


Positive results started to come much quicker than that. Within 2 or 3 days, joint inflammation started to go down, and there were fewer visits to the bathroom. He was still skeptical until a couple of months into the diet when he realized that he’d missed over a week’s worth of doses of the medication he had been taking every single day of his adult life.


The Carnivore Diet Experiment: Going All-Out

He simply forgot to take it. He decided to keep going and not take the meds. Maybe he’d get two weeks out of it. It’s now been 500 days since he started the diet.


But digressing for a moment back to the two-week time frame, he knew that a doctor’s appointment was upcoming with labs and a colonoscopy likely. That’s when he decided to go all out, strict red-meat carnivore: top-sirloins, a bit of coffee, water, and on rare occasions, some chicken and some pork. Three meals a day, meat and water.


A Surprising Doctor’s Visit: Results Of Discontinuing Medication

Six months later, sitting in the doctor’s office shaking like a leaf, he felt as though he was about to be reprimanded by the school principal.


The doctor comes in, barely acknowledging his presence, consulting charts, looking at a computer screen, and asking what seemed like routine questions until he asked if Alberto was still taking his medications.


When he replied that he hadn’t, the doctor stopped, looked at Alberto, and asked, “Who told you to stop?” Alberto said that he had: Never felt better before in his life. Digestion is fine, bowel movements are normal, energy is up, and joint aches are gone.


A Reversal Of Intestinal Damage: Alberto’s Remarkable Recovery

As Alberto suspected, the doctor, anticipating a decline in his health due to the discontinuation of taking his meds, ordered a colonoscopy for him.


The results showed that all his intestinal damage had been reversed! After 18 years of suffering from his condition and taking a multitude of meds, his intestines were in excellent condition! All of this is due to following a carnivore diet.


Life After Carnivore: Alberto’s New Healthy Lifestyle

Alberto just turned 40 and is in the best health of his life. He’s getting into athletic events such as running a 5K race and mountain climbing.


Since he feels so well on the carnivore diet, Alberto says there is no way he’s going back to the life he lived before.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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