Michael improved mood, mental health, skin, vision on carnivore diet

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Michael’s journey to better health on a carnivore diet began at a pivotal moment standing in line at the Walmart checkout. At age 55 and 6’2” tall, Michael had steadily been gaining weight each year since his mid-thirties, topping out at 284 pounds. He was about to go from a 2XL size shirt to a 3XL size shirt, and he decided at that moment he needed to reclaim his health.

Michael spoke with Revero coach Brooke about what life was like before the carnivore diet, and the changes he’s seen since implementing it a year ago. “I drive a semi truck long distances for a living,” Michael shares. “It’s like running the gauntlet.” Michael found it difficult to avoid diners, fast food restaurants, and gas station convenience foods while on the road with his two dogs. He has a strong sensitivity to wheat and corn, which causes painful bouts of indigestion and GERD. “Throughout the years I’ve struggled with acid reflux. It was just horrendous. I got to a point where I was taking two Prilosec antacids a day.” The nature of long-distance truck driving made it difficult to deal with several trips to the bathroom each day, and painful bowel movements.

As a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for 27 years, Michael believes that he has an addictive personality which translates over to food. “I’m an addict. I know what it’s like to obsess over things and then I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and just just give in to it, and just say, ‘Hey man, whatever so I’m just fat that’s just the way it is.’” He had some success with a low-carb diet in the past, but struggled with calorie counting and being hungry. He found it easy to binge on nuts which made weight loss difficult.

The idea of a meat-based diet was appealing to Michael, so he decided to give it a try. His depression had gotten worse, and the severe bloating and arthritis in his hands made his job very uncomfortable. However, within three days of switching to a meat-only diet, the bloating and GERD went away. The only time his arthritis symptoms return is if he adds sugar back into his diet.

After implementing a ketogenic diet with large salads, Michael decided to remove all vegetables and see if it helped with his digestive issues. “I quit eating the spinach and my stomach pain totally went away. One day, I had only steaks in my truck and no vegetables, so I had extra meat. After that, I just never bought vegetables again.” Michael enjoys cooking ribeye steak and hamburger meat on a portable grill he has on his truck, and typically eats one meal a day in the evenings. Coach Brooke points out the key was Michael listening to his body’s inclinations about what and when to eat being the key to his success on carnivore.

Overall, Michael has had great success on a carnivore diet, but says he still has room for improvement. He is cutting out bacon and cheese temporarily to see if he can break through a weight loss stall as he aims to lose his last 15 pounds. He’s also going to be taking a local job and live with family members who follow the standard American diet. “One thing is for sure,” Michael states, “I could never go back to carbs and control it. I just know that about myself.”

Hiking in September 2018 at 286 pounds – before starting the Carnivore Diet
264 pounds – January 2019
June 2019 – 228 Pounds – Still want to get down to 209
Michael weighed 199 back in 2001.

Listen to Michael’s interview on the Revero podcast here:

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