Kelly heals IBS, high blood pressure, liver nodules on carnivore diet

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Kelly, 47, shares her incredible healing journey through following a carnivore diet, and also caught up with Revero health coach Brooke on the Revero podcast.

Kelly started searching for answers to her health problems which included IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), high blood pressure, and a condition that caused nodules to grow on her liver. She was looking into a plant-based diet to help support her liver, and started drinking green smoothies. However, she was still experiencing a lot of joint pain and other health issues, including high blood pressure, prediabetes, and a hysterectomy due to concerns over ovarian cancer.

“I was diagnosed with focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver, which caused multiple nodules to grow all over it,” Kelly shares. “I was seeing several specialists to address a lot of autoimmune issues that are in my family. These issues have been resolved since I started the carnivore diet.”

Kelly noted an improvement in strength and endurance at the gym. Now, when she goes to the doctor’s office for checkups, she is pleased with their response. “It’s entertaining to see the look on their face because I look so different and younger. They want to know what I’m doing! It’s just been an amazing journey for me.”

Just weeks into her carnivore journey, Kelly’s severe bloating, joint pain, and IBS symptoms disappeared. “I’ve always loved meat and come from a family that hunts, so I just phased out the plant foods. It’s just not worth it to include foods that worsen my arthritis and digestive issues.” Kelly has stayed true to eating carnivore foods, mostly ribeye and ground beef, despite those around her not always being supportive. “They look at me and wonder why I don’t want to try anything, but they don’t understand the consequences of it for me.”

Other improvements to Kelly’s health include healing from brain fog, depression, anxiety, OCD, and insomnia. “I didn’t know people were supposed to feel this good! I always have a smile on my face. I appreciate all those who are getting this info out there, I myself stumbled upon it on social media and realized that plants maybe weren’t so good.”

Kelly took the time to review her health records from various doctors, and began to see that many of her health issues were connected. “I realized that you have to be your own advocate. I was on multiple medications for mental health, back pain, and high blood pressure, which I no longer take as my symptoms have healed.”

After nearly two years on the carnivore diet, Kelly reports,“It’s been the best decision of my life, and I thank God every day that I was led down this path.”

And to those struggling with their mental health, Kelly offers hope: “When you struggle with bad depression, you think you don’t want to live anymore. But this can be life-changing for you, your family, and everyone else around you.”

Listen to Kelly’s interview on the Revero podcast below:

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