September 30, 2019

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Carly treats endometriosis, digestion, eczema, joint pain on carnivore diet

Carly’s carnivore journey is sure to be an encouragement to women who are suffering from endometriosis, joint pain, digestive issues and fatigue. For just over 9 months, Carly has been following an animal-only diet and has experienced incredible healing results.   Carly’s Carnivore Journey: Healing from Chronic Illness “I have a long history of digestive issues which manifested as eczema

Craig loses weight and reduces alcohol cravings on a carnivore diet

Craig’s Journey Towards a Mostly Carnivore Diet   Craig, 33, was able to shed 30 pounds and curb his cravings for alcohol while following a mostly carnivore diet and incorporating fasting and intermittent fasting over three months.   Beginning his journey three months ago at 5’9” and 235 pounds, Craig discovered videos from Dr. Jason Fung on fasting and Joe

Rachel treats digestive issues, anxiety, hair loss on carnivore diet

Meet Rachel, a 43-year-old mom from Sydney, Australia. After decades of yo-yo dieting, severe calorie restriction, weight loss surgery, and frustration from doing everything “right” but not seeing results, she finally found success on the carnivore diet and has experienced tremendous healing in just three months.   Decades of Yo-Yo Dieting and Frustration “People were always telling me I was

Matthew treats prediabetes on carnivore diet

Matthew’s Wake-up Call: Pre-Diabetes and High Blood Pressure   Matthew, a Seattle Washington native, heard the words from his doctor that no 35-year-old wants to hear: he was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure. At 6’3” and 290 pounds, Matthew knew he had to make changes to his diet to avoid being put on medication.   The Ketogenic Diet: A

Woman treats Crohn’s, asthma, narcolepsy, hypothyroidism on carnivore diet

Testimonial Of A Woman Who Cured Multiple Illnesses With A Carnivore Diet Since following a carnivore diet, a woman (who has opted not to share her name) has been able to resolve several health issues and greatly reduce a long list of medications she previously relied on to control several chronic illnesses.   “I’ve failed many different diets in the

Elliot gets ripped on a carnivore diet

From Weightlifting to Carnivore Diet: Elliot’s Journey to Overcome Injuries and Improve Performance   As an avid weightlifter since the age of 15, Elliot, now 33, is no stranger to nutrition, dieting, and fitness. “I’ve always enjoyed weightlifting,” he shares, “and I used to love calorie counting and weighing literally everything I ate to the exact gram. I always had

Shawn treats hyperglycemia, hypertension, GERD on carnivore diet

Shawn’s Health Struggles and Weight Loss Journey   Shawn had built his career around saving the lives of strangers in crisis, but as he approached his early thirties, this busy paramedic realized he needed to come to his own rescue. Weighing in at 335 pounds, Shawn had a growing list of health concerns, including high hypertension, elevated blood sugar, and

Emanuel treats excess weight, depression, brain fog on carnivore diet

Emanuel’s carnivore story began at a pivotal moment in his life. At just 21 years old, Emanuel was a new father and had just ended a four-year relationship. “I knew I needed to make a change in my life, so I joined a gym and started training in mixed martial arts,” he shares.   “I knew nothing about nutrition, so

Rosebud heals from interstitial cystitis, IBS, depression carnivore diet

Rose’s Journey to Healing: Overcoming Autoimmune Illnesses Rosebud (aka Rose) is a 34-year-old performer in Brooklyn, NY, and after two years on the carnivore diet, says she is working to put together the puzzle pieces of her health. “I’m starting to realize just why carnivore has been so positively impactful for me.”   Rose’s journey to healing from several autoimmune

Will improves weight loss, food addiction, and strength on a carnivore diet

Will is 65 years old and is enjoying a second lease on life! As championship-winning motocross athlete and stunt double who has had many brushes with danger, he’s found renewed energy and vitality since following the carnivore diet over the last year.   Will’s Renewed Energy and Strength on the Carnivore Diet   “It’s just the easiest thing I’ve ever

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