Woman treats Crohn’s, asthma, narcolepsy, hypothyroidism on carnivore diet

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Since following a carnivore diet, a woman (who has opted not to share her name) has been able to resolve several health issues and greatly reduce a long list of medications she previously had relied on to control several chronic illnesses. “I’ve failed many different diets in the past. I came across the carnivore diet, and I really like it a lot,” she shares in her testimonial video. “I have many different illnesses that I have to try and keep under control.”

For diabetes, she was on three different oral medications and taking insulin injections every day. Now, she is on none of those and her numbers have improved significantly. “For my A1C, my highest was at 13.9% and my lowest was at 4.5%. My current A1C is at 4.7%.” For reference, the CDC notes that a normal A1C level is below 5.7%, a level of 5.7% to 6.4% indicates prediabetes, and a level of 6.5% or more indicates diabetes. This means that the higher the percentage, the higher your blood sugar levels are over the past two to three months. Following a low-carb or zero-carb diet has a profound effect on lowering blood sugar, but patients should always consult with their doctor before making any changes to their medication to avoid any issues.

Weight loss is another benefit this woman has experienced since switching to the carnivore diet, and this factor alone can positively affect several of the health issues she had previously suffered from and treated with medication. “My highest weight was 330 pounds,” she reports. Given her reported height of 5’6”, this would produce a BMI measurement 53.3, putting her in the “obese” category. “My current weight is 185 pounds,” she continues, resulting in an astounding total loss of 145 pounds! Interestingly, she notes that her shoe size was reduced from a women’s size 8 to a 6.5.

To treat her asthma and allergy symptoms, she was taking a total of 9 different medications, including nebulizers and oral treatments. Today, she takes none of those. The same is true for her narcolepsy and chronic insomnia medications, she has reduced her medications from three down to one. As for depression, she had been taking four separate oral treatments, all which are no longer necessary with her renewed mental health.

She reports being able to reduce her medication for hyperthyroidism and eliminating her prescription for arthritis pain. After taking three separate medications for cholesterol, she is pleased to report that those are no longer needed as well. For treatment of her eczema and psoriasis, she has done away with four different topical creams. She continues to take one medication for Crohn’s disease, but it seems to keep the condition under control along with her meat-based diet.

“I find that the carnivore diet works extremely well and I’m very pleased that I’m on it. I am really enjoying all the benefits of being on a carnivore diet, and how easy and affordable it is.” Even with the rising cost of food, being able to eliminate so many medications has certainly made a difference, both for her health and her wallet!

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