September 30, 2019

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Christopher improves allergies, vision, athlete’s foot on carnivore diet

Chris is 50 years old and has experienced several improvements to his health, including healing from allergies, athlete’s foot, leaky gut, and vision problems while following a carnivore diet.   What Is Chris’s Diet Plan?   Previously, Chris was following a ketogenic diet but made the switch to all animal-based food. On a daily basis, he consumes grass-fed beef, pork,

Keri loses weight and improves strength on a carnivore diet

Keri found the weight loss answer she had been looking for with a carnivore diet, and improving her physical strength was a bonus.   Keri’s Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and Her Discovery of the Carnivore Diet   “Unfortunately, I soon fell back into old habits,” Keri explains. “The ketogenic diet was just a little too generous regarding vegetables and fruits.

Chandler treats vasculitis, tendinitis, piriformis syndrome on carnivore diet

Chandler, 57, shares his incredible journey to recovery from chronic pain and inflammation associated with vasculitis, tendinitis, piriformis syndrome, and temporal arteritis. Chandler is 6’1” and has gone from 245 pounds to 178 pounds in just over a year.   Chandler’s Journey To Recovery   “I was in bad shape, really,” Chandler recalls. “None of my doctors were able to

Roseanne treats depression, bloating, gout, inflammation on carnivore diet

The High-Carb, Low-Fat Vegan Diet: A Recipe for Depression   At 31 years old, Roseanne suffered from severe depression. “I was on antidepressants, and got to moments of just wanting to kill myself,” Roseanne reveals. “No one had ever explained to me just how important fats are for your brain function.”   She had been following a high-carb, low-fat vegan

Cobus improves weight loss, hepatomegaly, and insomnia on a carnivore diet

Cobus is 45 years old and has been following a carnivore diet for six months. In that short period of time, he has lost weight and stubborn fat, recovered from hepatomegaly, and experienced relief from chronic insomnia.   Cobus began his carnivore journey after following several other diets over the years. He had tried the vegan diet a few times

Catherine heals from anemia, colitis, weakness, fainting on carnivore diet

Catherine’s Struggle With Health Issues Catherine is 51 years old and has seen incredible improvements in her health since she started following the carnivore diet, including healing from anemia, colitis, weakness, and fainting. She has been able to get her career in musical performance back as well.   “I was quite sick and terribly anemic and was hospitalized on a

David improves IBS, dental hygiene, sciatic issues on carnivore diet

David’s Journey: How the Carnivore Diet Helped Him Overcome IBS and Sciatic Pain David is 30 years old and living in South Louisiana. He’s been following the carnivore diet for the past 7 months, and has experienced weight loss, muscle gains, better dental hygiene, and has eliminated his IBS and sciatic issues.   The Affordable and Accessible Nature of the

Erik treats asthma, obesity, focus issues, and gout on a carnivore diet

Battling Weight, Asthma, and Gout: Erik’s Life Before the Carnivore Diet Erik is 33 years old and has enjoyed various health benefits since starting the carnivore diet, including losing 50 pounds, finding focus at work, preventing gout flare-ups, and finally being able to retire his asthma inhaler.   The Journey to Finding the Right Diet: Erik’s Struggle with the Standard

Ashley treats asthma, psoriasis, crohn’s disease, rosacea on carnivore diet

Ashley’s Childhood Diet and Health Struggles Ashley’s story begins in Ontario, Canada, where she grew up eating a high-carbohydrate diet including many processed and fast food choices. “My parents split when I was 7 years old, so due to finances, I was fed a lot of McDonald’s fast food, junk food, chips, pop, and candy.”   Ashley has suffered from

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