Todd improves energy, strength, body building on carnivore diet

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Todd is 52 years old and has been following a carnivore diet for the past 14 months. His starting weight was 245 pounds, and his body fat percentage was around 24 percent. Now, Todd’s weight is down to 195 pounds and he has reduced his body fat percentage to between 5 and 6 percent, maintaining an overall loss of 50 lbs and 19% body fat.

“Nothing I’ve done before, no other diet, has ever been as effective as carnivore for my strength and training recovery,” Todd shares. “And as for my body composition, nothing has even come close to what the carnivore diet does for me.” Todd shares the proof of this in his before and after photos! On the left, we see Todd at 245 pounds, and on the right, he shows off his incredible results including well-defined pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles and toned biceps.

The carnivore diet has grown more popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders as a drug-free way to lose body fat while building muscle at the same time. While results will always vary based on a person’s overall health, age, metabolism, and food choices, many on the carnivore diet report it easier to make gains in their workout routines. Like other members from the Revero community, many people find that they recover from workouts faster than on a standard American diet, or diets that restrict animal protein in favor of high carbohydrate foods.

For more on building muscle and reducing body fat on a carnivore diet, check out more Revero member fitness success stories!

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