Carly treats endometriosis, digestion, eczema, joint pain on carnivore diet

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Carly’s carnivore journey is sure to be an encouragement to women who are suffering from endometriosis, joint pain, digestive issues and fatigue. For just over 9 months, Carly has been following an animal-only diet and has experienced incredible healing results.

“I have a long history of digestive issues which manifested as eczema and anxiety, as well as multiple food intolerances that led to other chronic conditions. My hormonal and menstrual problems were eventually diagnosed as endometriosis, and I was beginning to develop autoimmune disease symptoms that included joint pain and severe chronic fatigue.”

Carly had recently given notice at her job, and was at the point of desperation. “I just couldn’t cope with the work activity any more. There were days when I literally couldn’t get off the couch; my heart would be pounding with exhaustion, my head would be spinning at the slightest exertion. I had pretty much resigned myself to having to rethink my future and my abilities.”

Carly had been following a diet rich in vegetables in an effort to control painful symptoms of endometriosis, a disease in which tissue resembling the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus, causing chronic inflammation and the formation of scar tissue within the pelvis and other parts of the body. “My health was deteriorating, and even though I never gave up meat or animal foods completely, it seemed like the more plant-based I went to try to control my symptoms, the worse my pain and my health was getting. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.”

Even without sugary or processed foods, Carly began to develop blood sugar issues. “I couldn’t go more than four hours without eating, or I would get the ‘hangry’ symptoms,” she recalls. While she had experienced success with a low-carb diet before, she found it unstainable for the long-term.

Realizing she was desperate, riddled with brain fog, and mainly confined to her home, Carly came across the story of a woman who cured her Lyme’s disease with a meat-only diet. “Meat provides all the nutrition we need in a highly accessible form, without any of the gut-irritating fiber or other plant substances that cause digestive issues, all without any carbs at all.” This prompted her to start a zero-carb elimination diet for two weeks to see if she could find some relief.

“I felt so much better in the first few days,” Carly recalls. “My sex drive came back, I had energy for the whole day; it was like waking up and coming back to life.” Carly continued on past the initial two weeks, and has seen incredible results over the past nine months. “I have zero endo pain, and my chronic fatigue is completely gone. My digestion is perfect, and my hormones are perfectly balanced which contributes to lighter periods and normal ovulation.”

Carly acknowledges her healing is a long-term process. “I just feel like I’ve gotten my life back, it’s opened up this whole new future to me which I had just given up on before. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat vegetables in any quantity again, but right now, I don’t want to. Meat is all I need.”

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