Katya improved digestion, bladder and kidney pain on a carnivore diet

Katya’s Journey into Raw Veganism and Health Problems


My name is Katya. Basically, I was a Raw Vegan and pioneer of the lifestyle in Australia some 20 years ago. I opened the first Raw and living foods cafe, way ahead of its time, then went on to teach classes, programs and run retreats. 


I have a background in digestive health; prior to opening my own raw food cafe, I lectured at Hippocrates Health Food Institute on cleansing, detoxing and was also a resident colonic therapist for a period of time.


In 1974 I had a vegetarian bf, and at that time, the only vegetarian ‘fake meats on the market were Sanitarium soy-based dried kibble and canned products.


The Downsides of Raw Veganism: Anemia, Anxiety, and Teeth Problems


I had periods of vegetarianism and veganism before going raw vegan in 2000. Throughout the first 12 months, I felt and looked fantastic. At the end of the next year, I began to get anemic. 


I have a strong constitution from my Russian father’s side, yet my reserves of iron, in particular, had now diminished. I began to get mildly anxious for no reason well into the third year. 


The anemia progressed into the 3rd year until I had to see a doctor. My iron levels were under 7. The doctor was shocked and adamant I eat meat. I had to have immediate iron injections, as I refused to eat meat. So I ate eggs for periods of time and then went back to eating raw vegan as if it never happened.


From Fruitarianism to Autoimmune Disorder: Katya’s Struggle with Health Issues


Then superfoods came to the rescue, promoted by David Wolfe. AFA, green barley powder, spirulina. I thought that would solve all my iron problems as the labels said it was high in iron. Unfortunately, not bioavailable heme iron. In 2012 I went fruitarian for three years, and that’s when I really struck problems. 


It was good for the first 8-12 months; then, I began to get more pinhole cavities. Lots of them. I would get them filled, and more would come. Towards the end of fruitarianism, my teeth were so sensitive it hurt when I ate food; I lost two upper molars, as they had become weak and slightly looser in my gums, and infections set in. 


It was a nightmare, as I refused root canals and had them extracted instead. In 2015 gut and sleep problems began to happen, leaky gut, continual bloating, then more anxiety, brain fog, and finally, an autoimmune disorder – fibromyalgia.


Overcoming Vegan Brainwashing: Katya’s Dark Night of the Soul


Two months short of 62, after 20-plus years of identifying and immersing myself in the world of raw veganism, I really hit the wall. I was still looking good on the outside, yet what was taking place on the inside could no longer be ignored. 


The signs became more obvious, pointing to a deterioration of my skeleton, a breaking down of my kidneys, my immune system, my nervous system, my digestion, and my blood sugar regulation. I was almost a Type 2 diabetic.


I never went into raw veganism for an ‘ethical’ belief I held. In fact, initially, health issues weren’t my driving force either. For me, rejuvenation was the fuel firing the search and exploration of protocols, which repaired, renewed, and rejuvenated the body, mind, and spirit.


I ignored many red flags during my vegan years, yet I was successfully programmed, and veganism had become my identity. 


Reversing Health Problems with Low Carb and Zero Carb Diet: Katya’s Journey Back to Health


Towards the end stage of veganism, I began salivating at the smell of roast chickens in clear plastic rotisserie bags at the supermarkets. Yet my vegan brainwashed mind would tell me.” It’s a body bag, don’t pick it up.”


I shut down my body’s intelligent feedback system to eat animal foods. I had ignored it/overrode the signals for years, the intense vegan programming had taken over, and I suffered the consequences I am craving eggs more frequently every few weeks.


Finally, I had a dark night of the soul at 62. A complete breakdown. My immune system crashed. I had three bouts of food poisoning within six months. And it was horrendous.


During the period of heaving over the toilet bowl, crying and crying out in desperation for help, I heard loud and clear to “Go Eat Fish,” so I did. and then after a few days. The message came to eat more fish every day. Immediate improvement. I then went on to the chicken.


Yet the brainwashing was the hardest to unravel. I was convinced raw veganism was the healthiest diet on the planet; even with the health problems I was suffering with, I put it down to stress or detoxing…


It took me 15 months before I could eat red meat. And then things really started to improve. I took out all high oxalate plants and went low carb, then zero carb, while my body reset itself. It was hard as I went through a few months of intense oxalate dumping. But I pushed through and now have reversed many of the health problems I had.


My teeth are strong and firmly anchored in my gums. I have no plaque on my teeth or sensitivity. After the incredible improvement in my dental health, just from eating meat-based, I was angry for a couple of months about losing two upper molars unnecessarily; however, I’ve accepted it and am grateful that I had a divine intervention to stop veganism and change my diet.


My gut is healing wonderfully; I have reversed joint pain, and I have reversed sarcopenia. Finally, I am gaining weight without real exercise, just from consuming lots of fatty meats. I sleep much better, deeply. Before, I was waking every two hours with my heart racing mind racing. Now that has stopped.


I am happier and cope with stress more easily. My body doesn’t go into fight-flight so easily. My physical strength has improved. No longer teetering on Type 2 diabetes. Bladder pain and kidney pain improved. Fewer trips to the bathroom at night.


Blood sugar regulation has improved, and Jaw tension improved. Inflammatory allergic reactions greatly improved. The autoimmune Right now, I eat a meat-based ancestral nose-to-tail diet, and now that my gut has healed dramatically, I can have the occasional small inclusions of avocado, sauerkraut, or cucumber. 


This is just a general overview of what happened through 2 decades of almost all raw vegan. Happy to speak with you about my experiences and how a meat-based diet healed me.


Kind regards,




Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. In my grocery store there are all kinds of what is called super foods. All of them are based on some type of plant food.
    The reality is that the real super food is MEAT

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