Fernando lost 22 pounds of fat AND put on muscle on a carnivore diet

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Greetings from Brazil

My name is Fernando Rocha and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. 

Following dr. Shawn Baker

Since I discovered Mr. Baker on social media, I began following the carnivore diet. The results have been extraordinary!


My results

I lost 10 kgs in little over 2 months (shedding fat and gaining lean muscle mass). 
Here are my before and after pictures:

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3 thoughts on “Fernando lost 22 pounds of fat AND put on muscle on a carnivore diet”

  1. Fernando you look so manly, I bet you had a hard workout to achieve such results. Keep up the good work and try and call me if you want to get funky.

  2. Thanks, Bill! I sure did workout alot, like I always have. But the results specifically coming from the nutritional part (the carnivore diet) were absolutely fantastic. I’m definitely gonna keep up this diet AND am gonna try to convert my family and friends into carnivores 😀

  3. Sou o Robson Orloski Personal Trainer do Fernando, para conseguir esse resultado Fernando faz treino pesado de musculação no mínimo 4 vezes na semana, 1h hora de treino intenso dividindo um grupo muscular grande por dia, é bem difícil ganhar massa e perder gordura ao mesmo tempo, mas com a dieta e o treino certo isso foi possível em pouquíssimo tempo, parabéns Fernando pelo empenho e dedicação.
    Se quiserem conhecer meu trabalho está aqui meu Instagram: @robson.orloski

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