Mark improved body composition, and auto immune condition on carnivore diet

I am a 58 year old chiropractor who has been in practice for 33 years.  My wife and I started the carnivore diet on September 1, 2018 as a 30 day experiment.  At the end of the month we decided to continue.  Why give up on improved body composition, the end of autoimmune rashes and allergies, better performance in the gym, and generally feeling a lot better.  Thank you, Dr. Baker.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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2 thoughts on “Mark improved body composition, and auto immune condition on carnivore diet”

  1. Joseph Kochajda

    • I am a old health nut, and that started back when I was an athlete in high school when I read “sugar blues” during the summer after tenth grade. My diet in my senior year of high school, was a very low carb/sugar with lots of fresh meat and few vegetables. By my senior year in high school I was doing push ups in sets of one hundred and sit-ups in sets of a thousand. The winter after graduating I would ride to work in the morning with my dad then work in a steal warehouse all day. After work I would run home 13 miles in the snow with snow boots on. In the summer ride a bicycle or dirt bike to work. A few years later my sister gave me her Alaskan malamute that was being to aggressive toward her and she was concerned he might hurt her or someone. The first time I tried to discipline him, was when he attacked me. I had to punch and kick him and avoid his bites. Than when he took off running, I chased him for at least two miles around the neighborhood till he turned to attack me. With my feet and fists flying this time, I attacked him till he summited. I grabbed him by his fur and walked him home he was snarling and growing as I yelled and taunting him to try attacking me again all the way back home. After that we became best friends for the rest of his life. I was still a carnivore then and riding a dirt bike and mountain on weekends.
    • After reading about macrobiotic diet and having vegetarian girlfriend I ate more of a vegetarian diet for the next forty years. Between then and now I had many changes in what I would eat and my lifestyle. I will skip over the past 40 years of reading hundreds of books. The last twenty years though I was always inflamed (soreness in my muscles) going to a chiropractor and massages worried that I would have to go see a doctor about this. During that time I continued to work in labor jobs until retiring as a truck driver. I was trying every type of diet till two years ago when for one year I ate 100% plant based whole food, and feeling obsessed with eating and preparing plant based whole foods. After a year of feeling even worse and always hungry, I almost saw a doctor. Then when I was reading about ancient humans from before the ice age and how they lived and ate I started to realize what I needed to eat. Many different humans lived back then some with bigger brains than us and some physically stronger and some taller they all hunted and some hunted each other till one became the only super predator a super carnivore capable of eating any food but thriving best as a carnivore. I realized then that I am a carnivore. I Then looked back to when I ate like one in high school and I became one again. My old man self was reunited with my younger carnivore self and beginning to thrive. I feel strength and again ride a dirt bike. I look forward down a new path to a new journey and thrive to be a fully human healthy nut again.

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