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Evan E reverses ankylosing spondylitis on a carnivore diet

Ever since Evan was young, he had an insatiable hunger that caused him to binge, in addition to his other daily struggles of ADHD, OCD, brain fog, and fatigue. When he turned eleven—embarrassed by his heavy frame—he decided to go on a diet.   Following Conventional Wisdom: Low-Calorie/Low-Fat Diet   Following the conventional wisdom at the time, he started eating

Elizabeth S healed eczema, asthma on a carnivore lifestyle

Elizabeth’s Struggle with Diets   Elizabeth lives in Botswana. Before her carnivore diet, she had tried several diets, including vegetarian. “That lasted about six months before I became severely anemic.” She found that diets all had issues: “I tried detox diets and all these other things, and they just didn’t seem to work long-term.”   Discovering the Carnivore Diet During

Bruno improved blood sugar, triglycerides, joint pain, stiffness on a carnivore diet

Bruno has been struggling with his weight for most of his life. He describes struggling with a sugar and carbohydrate addiction and says by the time he was a teenager, he was obese. While in his early twenties, he suspected he had hypothyroidism.   He took his concerns to his doctor, who responded, “That’s a condition for women.” Still, Bruno

Volodymir eliminated acid reflux, IBS, pyelonephritis, and Alzheimer’s on carnivore diet

Volodymir’s Journey to Better Health with the Carnivore Diet   According to Volodymir, the carnivore diet “saved my life.” Volodymir lives in Ukraine and says before the carnivore way of eating, his health was vastly declining. Volodymir struggled with intense indigestion issues and insomnia. He also struggled with pain in his teeth and sinuses. However, the most significant health crisis

Zack lowered blood pressure and inflammation on a carnivore lifestyle

From Standard American Diet to Carnivore Lifestyle   As a military member, Zack reaps the benefits of living a carnivore lifestyle daily. Zack describes his eating before the carnivore way of life as the Standard American Diet. Zack says he was a bit on the bigger side, even as a child. He lost weight in his teens to join the

Fernanda healed cystic acne and asthma problem and came off medication on a carnivore diet

Fernanda is a doctor in her thirties who lives in Brazil with her husband. She explains that she “always had acne.” She recalls how her mom took her to see many doctors and was always prescribed a pill for it.   Fernanda’s Struggle with Acne and Vegetarianism   In her twenties, she continued to struggle with acne, and even though

David resolved his sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Overcoming Addiction and Healing with a Meat-Based Diet   David struggled with alcohol addiction for many years, but six years ago, he decided to reclaim his health and became sober. This decision gave David the discipline to follow a meat-based diet and heal from back pain, acid reflux, obesity, and sleep apnea.   The Cognitive Benefits of a Carnivore Diet

Katherine’s lupus flares have subsided since starting the carnivore diet

Six months ago, Katherine was riddled with debilitating symptoms from lupus, GERD, PCOS, bipolar disorder, asthma, and hypothyroidism. She was taking 15 medications and grew concerned as her weight increased. “I was miserable!” she shares.   Relief from Multiple Health Issues on a Carnivore Diet   Feeling hopeless and ready to give up, Katherine learned that a close friend eliminated

Bobby’s enjoying relief from Hidradenitis Suppurativa on a carnivore diet

After many years of “yo-yo” dieting on low-fat and calorie-restricted diets, Bobby has regained his health, lost over 150 pounds, and healed from painful skin conditions that affected his quality of life.   Bobby’s Weight Loss Journey and Struggles   Bobby was overweight for much of his adult life. Over the years, he had some success losing weight with low-fat

Tracy improved her mental health, eczema, and asthma on a carnivore diet

Tracy’s Journey to a Meat-Based Diet   Tracy, 49, began her health journey four years ago when she and her husband adopted a ketogenic diet after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and wanted to explore managing his condition with diet instead of a handful of medications.   “I went along for the ride as the supportive wife,” she

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