Tracy improved her mental health, eczema, and asthma on a carnivore diet

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Tracy, 49, began her health journey four years ago when she and her husband adopted a ketogenic diet after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and wanted to explore managing his condition with diet instead of a handful of medications. “I went along for the ride as the supportive wife,” she says. “I suspected I was pre-diabetic, and at 230 pounds, I was depressed and anxious, asthmatic, and suffered from terrible eczema. I was literally dragging myself up the stairs each day.” Having been athletic her whole life, Tracy was riddled with joint pain that she just attributed to being part of the natural aging process.

“Two weeks into the keto diet, I felt better than I had in decades!” Tracy recalls. She delved into as much information as she could find, and “stumbled” through the keto diet for two years, losing 30 pounds and resolving most of her depression and asthma. However, Tracy was still suffering from severe eczema, and her symptoms had grown more serious, at times requiring emergency treatment. “I was still on prednisone and several steroid creams, none of which resolved the issue.”

“I felt my best when I ate meat,” Tracy shares with Revero coach Amber. “I found the carnivore way and I read about people who were curing their skin issues. So we began eliminating vegetables.” Soon after removing vegetables and incorporating fasting into her diet, Tracy finally saw her skin start to clear up. “My eczema was cleared within ten days, and has not returned!

There’s something special about the carnivore diet. The low-carb approach was different than any other of the many diets I had tried in the past,” Tracy shares. On a typical day, Tracy practices intermittent fasting, and has a meat-based meal along with some dairy and coffee. She no longer struggles with food addiction or out-of-control hunger, and finds she is able to enjoy daily exercise.

Tracy and her husband are amazed at what a meat-based diet has done for their health. “To date, I’ve lost an additional 60 pounds, for a total of 90 pounds lost,” Tracy reports. “My asthma is non-existent, and my skin is clear and glowing.”

Up until this point in her life, Tracy says she had believed social anxiety and depression was just a part of who she was. “Mentally, this has been a game-changer for me. I have no issues with my mental health any more. I wake up every morning with a zest for life, and I am able to be active with zero pain!”

Tracy’s blood pressure and resting heart rate measurements have both improved, and her husband continues to manage his type 2 diabetes without medication. “We’ve been in this together from day one, we are so grateful,” Tracy shares. “I wouldn’t be where I am without him.” She continues to share her story with her family and friends through social media so that others may find a better way to reclaim their own health. “I’ve never been this well in my entire life! Meat has healed me.”

Listen to Tracy’s success story on the podcast below:

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