Jacqueline no longer suffers from chronic constipation on a carnivore diet

Chronic Constipation And Health Struggles


I have a lot more to the carnivore journey that I will share in due time, but I had to share one piece with you in case it might help anyone else struggling with their health. I am 32 years old and have had chronic constipation my entire life. In my early 20s, it went from chronic to downright miserable and occasionally debilitating.


Endless Attempts For Relief


Regular bleeding and aching hemorrhoids were the least of my problems, and they certainly weren’t a party. The abdominal pain, weight gain on virtually any diet, bloating, and daily nausea eventually led me to many doctor appointments for any kind of relief.


Much to my dismay, it was always the same song and dance: “more fiber, less protein, more water (or the opposite), more exercise, more meals, fewer meals, less sugar, then more sugar, then no sugar, stool softeners/probiotics/laxatives/enemas you name it.


It got to the point that no doctor believed me when I explained my diet and exercise regimens. I would go in with logs of every step I took and every scrap of food or drink I consumed, thinking it would prove finally that NOTHING worked no matter how religiously I followed “doctors orders.” Even then, the best I got was, “you are perfectly healthy. Just try more Miralax”.


Introduction To The Carnivore Diet


I tried herbal teas, coffee, every diet you can think of, supplements, and on and on and on. Some things worked temporarily, but they always ALWAYS stopped eventually.


My husband turned me on to carnivore late last year, and I dallied with it, fearing that it would only make my problems worse (according to everything I’d been told or read).


It wasn’t until January that I finally committed to a serious and strict trial run (thanks in large part to your book and following Mikhaila Peterson on her health journey).


Results And Relief


And with tears in my eyes now, I can tell you that I have not had a single bout of constipation in all of 2020. It is hard to explain to anyone how dramatically that one simple thing has changed my quality of life.


I wasn’t convinced it would last, but nine months of success and relief? I’m now a believer, and my digestive health is just the tip of the iceberg.


Thank You To Dr. Baker And Team


Thank you and team for everything you face down to keep this message going strong. Add me to the list of patients you have changed for the better.


All the best


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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