Volodymir eliminated acid reflux, IBS, pyelonephritis, and Alzheimer’s on carnivore diet

Volodymir’s Journey to Better Health with the Carnivore Diet


According to Volodymir, the carnivore diet “saved my life.” Volodymir lives in Ukraine and says before the carnivore way of eating, his health was vastly declining. Volodymir struggled with intense indigestion issues and insomnia. He also struggled with pain in his teeth and sinuses. However, the most significant health crisis for Volodymir was his cognitive health.


Before finding the carnivore lifestyle, Volodymir says he ate what he thought was “healthy” or healthier than most people eat. However, since 2012 he has been struggling with poor memory. Volodymir’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and Volodymir says he knew he was heading down the same path as his father.


From Keto to Carnivore: The Transition and Benefits


Like many carnivore diet followers, Volodymir began his health journey by following the ketogenic diet. At the time, he was following Jordan Peterson, who is now an advocate of the carnivore diet, but at that point, he had been following the keto diet.


Volodymir says as a keto diet follower he ate a lot of poultry, vegetables, and butter. Volodymir says he saw some improvements in his health, but his memory continued to be a problem. 


However, he then discovered the carnivore diet. Volodymir says for him, the transition from the keto to the carnivore diet wasn’t dramatic. He naturally began to eat fewer vegetables, even as a keto follower. His focus on fatty and red meats made the most significant impact.


Volodymir’s Favorite Carnivore Foods and Meals


Today, Volodymir eats mostly pork (it’s abundant in Ukraine) and beef. He says he loves ribeyes, although they are hard to come by in his country, and he eats a lot of roast beef and porchetta.


He also says he used to eat liver; however, it is hard to find quality liver in Ukraine, and he finds his body doesn’t necessarily need it or misses it. He also speaks of eating hamburger patties from McDonald’s while at work– a testament to how convenient the diet is to implement.


Overcoming Health Issues with the Carnivore Diet: Pain, Indigestion, and High Blood Pressure


Since becoming a carnivore diet follower, Volodymir has been able to get off all his pain medications and reduce the number of drugs he takes for his indigestion. The only health issue he deals with now is high blood pressure, which he attributes to drinking coffee. Volodymir plans to eliminate coffee and suspects his blood pressure will no longer be an issue once he no longer drinks daily espressos.


The Impact of the Carnivore Diet on Cognitive Health


Volodymir also spoke about the improvement in his memory, something he never thought possible. He feels the carnivore diet has shifted the trajectory of his life. Volodymir no longer believes Alzheimer’s disease will be a given, and he can at least prolong his memory for as long as possible.


Unexpected Benefits of the Carnivore Diet: Less Exercise, More Energy


Volodymir says another surprising thing he has found from following the carnivore diet is that he no longer needs to exercise intensely every week.


Volodymir says before the diet, he felt he needed to do hard workouts at least two times a week to function; now, he does several short and light exercise movements daily.


Volodymir is grateful for finding the carnivore diet. He says one of his doctors tried to convince him to stop eating red meat, but he says he knows that the doctor doesn’t understand. He speaks of looking forward to improving his health and is excited to see where the carnivore diet takes him.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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