March 30, 2021

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Tommy lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Tommy has only been consistently following the carnivore way of eating for three months and is already seeing significant changes in his health. Tommy says his life and health before the carnivore diet were “very poor.” Tommy describes his eating consisted of a lot of fast food, junk food, soda, beer, and his favorite–Mexican food. He was eating an absurd

Astrid’s Lyme and CFS in remission thanks to a Carnivore lifestyle

Astrid’s Health Struggles from Infancy to Adulthood   Astrid has been dealing with health concerns as far back as her infancy. She describes her mother telling her she was a very colicky baby. Astrid also often became sick as a child and dealt with severe constipation. Even as a young person, she thought the answer to all her problems was

Sammy went on a carnivore diet to control inflammation

Sammy’s Struggle with Health Issues During the Pandemic Like many people, Sammy gained excess weight during the covid pandemic. Sammy says he didn’t realize how large he had become until he saw himself in a video at church. Additionally, Sammy also suffered from sleep apnea, which had gotten so bad that his wife would count how often he stopped breathing

Volodymir eliminated acid reflux, IBS, pyelonephritis, and Alzheimer’s on carnivore diet

Volodymir’s Journey to Better Health with the Carnivore Diet   According to Volodymir, the carnivore diet “saved my life.” Volodymir lives in Ukraine and says before the carnivore way of eating, his health was vastly declining. Volodymir struggled with intense indigestion issues and insomnia. He also struggled with pain in his teeth and sinuses. However, the most significant health crisis

Paul lost weight and got off 2 blood pressure medications on the carnivore lifestyle

Unlike many carnivore diet followers, Paul decided to try the carnivore way of eating after his doctor recommended it. For many years, Paul struggled with weight, blood pressure, and joint pain. He said, in his mind, “I had given up.” He spent many meals gorging himself on high-carbohydrate foods to the point that he often felt nauseous after eating. Even

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