Tommy lost weight on a carnivore lifestyle

Tommy has only been consistently following the carnivore way of eating for three months and is already seeing significant changes in his health. Tommy says his life and health before the carnivore diet were “very poor.” Tommy describes his eating consisted of a lot of fast food, junk food, soda, beer, and his favorite–Mexican food. He was eating an absurd amount of carbohydrates every day. After a time, he gained a lot of weight and knew he needed to get back into shape to improve his health.


From Junk Food Addict to Carnivore Convert: Tommy’s Journey


Tommy says he first learned about the carnivore diet from his cousin Nick one year ago. Tommy says he tried to dip his toes in the diet a few times over the last year, but it wasn’t until three months ago that he decided he was ready to jump in. Tommy weighed over 305 pounds then and said he felt like his health was out of control. He struggled with his energy levels and his addiction to processed foods.


The Carnivore Diet: A Life-Changing Decision for Tommy


At the beginning of his carnivore journey, Tommy describes eating a lot of steak, eggs, bacon, and salt. He says the first one to two weeks of the carnivore diet was the hardest as he broke his addiction to fast food. After that, the diet became much more manageable. His energy levels began to soar, and his excess weight melted off.


Overcoming Addiction: The First Two Weeks on the Carnivore Diet


Three months later, Tommy says his diet heavily focuses on steak and pork– particularly pork belly. Tommy likes to cook and says one of his favorite things about the carnivore diet is how he has been able to experiment with different cooking methods, such as air frying his steak. He also enjoys how easy it is to shop and source his meals. Tommy describes buying American wagyu beef from a local rancher and frequenting his local butcher.


Cooking Creativity: Tommy’s Love for Trying New Methods


Tommy says he still enjoys his favorite Mexican food differently. Instead of gorging himself on beans and rice, he orders a fajita without the tortilla and eats just the meat. Tommy also admits to indulging in tequila occasionally but says he is careful not to drink anything high in carbs. Tommy has noticed he no longer gets a hangover when he drinks, which is another benefit he attributes to being meat-based.


Indulging in Moderation: How Tommy Balances His Favorite Foods with the Carnivore Diet


Since starting the carnivore diet, Tommy has lost over fifty pounds in three months. He says he has a lot more energy and sleeps much better because of this way of eating. Tommy’s cousin Nick, who introduced him to the carnivore diet, is still following the carnivore way of eating. Tommy says it’s great having support from his cousin. He also enjoys seeing how this lifestyle has changed his cousin’s life. Tommy also says his boss is now experimenting with the diet and is proud of how his life has motivated others.


Consistency is Key: Tommy’s Advice for Starting the Carnivore Diet


Tommy says his advice to anyone looking to get started on the carnivore diet is to “stay consistent.” He says the best way to stay motivated is to improve each day and build upon those days. Tommy is thankful that he has begun his carnivore journey and is looking forward to continuing to improve his health.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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