Lark buried her sugar addiction, healed many things and loves life all from a Carnivore lifestyle

Lark’s Standard Australian Diet and Health Issues

Lark lives in Australia and says for many years, she followed the other SAD diet– this is the Standard Australian Diet. As a child and even into her adult years, she describes eating a lot of carbohydrates and very little meat, especially red meat. Lark says she was lucky over the years; she didn’t develop any severe medical complications, just a few minor ailments as she got older.


Lark says for many years, she struggled with seasonal allergies, achy joints, chronic bronchitis, weak nails, anxiety, and dandruff. Lark’s most significant health concerns were her weight (which seemed to be creeping up over the years) and weak bones, which she said continued to worsen with time.


Sugar Addiction and Low-Carb Lifestyle

Lark is a self-proclaimed chocolate lover and says she struggled with a sugar addiction for most of her life. She says she tried to consume sugar in moderation but often felt she had no control over her addiction. She even quit her job to become a chocolatier and spent many days eating chocolate as a part of her job.


At fifty-two, Lark decided to give up sugar for a month while experimenting with various food groups. She says within just a few days, she felt enormously better. She lost weight and saw improvements in her joints and other ailments. At that point, Lark decided to try a low-carb lifestyle.


Overcoming Sugar Addiction and Eating Habits

Lark describes spending the next eighteen months continuing to lose weight and seeing some health benefits through her ketogenic diet but experimenting with sugar alternatives. She even created a niche within her chocolate company that involved chocolates made with sugar alternatives. However, she could not overcome her sugar addiction and soon found herself crawling back to natural sugar.

All-In on the Carnivore Diet

Lark says she had heard of the carnivore diet from her keto diet circles. She even listened to Dr. Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan’s podcast. She decided to go all-in on the carnivore diet for six months. Immediately all of her ailments were gone except her sugar addiction.


Lark says she fell off the wagon after six months of the following carnivore and returned to her old habits for an additional six months. Then one day, after a sugar binge, she decided enough was enough, and she was ready to be done with sugar for the rest of her life.


Lark’s Carnivore Lifestyle and Meals

Lark says getting back into the carnivore lifestyle has been more challenging the second time around. However, she feels like she finally has control of her sugar addiction. Lark says nowadays, she rarely gets a sugar craving.


Lark says she eats one to two meals daily and enjoys variety in her carnivore lifestyle. She eats a lot of beef, lamb, seafood, pork, chicken wings, and eggs. She recently gave up dairy because she felt it was too addicting for her, and it was also causing her to gain weight.


MeatRx Community and Advice for Starting Carnivore Diet

Lark enjoys the MeatRx community; she even found her partner through the platform! She also says the MeatRx community was her social lifesaver during the covid pandemic lockdowns. Lark says she is enjoying all she is learning from the other community members and loves how everyone there is looking for answers for their health.


Lark says her advice for anyone looking to begin the carnivore diet is, “it takes time, but hang in there.” Lark recognizes her carnivore journey hasn’t been linear, and it has taken time to learn what works for her; however, she is grateful for her journey.

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1 thought on “Lark buried her sugar addiction, healed many things and loves life all from a Carnivore lifestyle”

  1. Hi Lark
    Thanks for sharing your story. I have a very similar history with carnivore and sugar cravings/addiction. Been carnivore for over 5 years now, but on again, off again with the chocolate/diet soda addiction. Would love to chat more if you would like to make contact. I’m in Hobart, Tasmania, 0417178404. Regards Mel.

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