Robert Healed his body after 28 years of being a vegan on a carnivore diet

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I was vegetarian for 28 years (age 24-52) although practically speaking I was vegan for a majority of the time. The first few years seemed to go well, which reinforced my belief that it was the cure for mankind’s mental and physical ills. 

I read every vegetarian/vegan book and watched every anti-meat documentary and tried every version of the diet in my quest to overcome ailments, but they only changed or got worse. The smell of meat made me nauseous so I walked around the meat section at the store.

Vegan/vegetarianism has the attraction of being the oppressed underdog fighting the good fight against the evil meat and dairy industry and, being someone who never followed the crowd, I was the perfect patsy for their diabolical indoctrination. I was also a new believer in Christ and thought the bible made it clear that God created us as vegans (obviously I didn’t read my bible).

Here’s a sampling of the issues I experienced during my years as a vegan/vegetarian: tooth rot, anxiety (I could barely hand money to the cashier without dropping it), anger, depression, decreased confidence, inability to focus, hyperthyroidism, IBS, brain fog, weakness, high blood pressure, racing pulse, heat intolerance, night sweats, red dotting on skin, insomnia, pre-diabetes, food addiction (attended 12 step meetings for years to no avail), sun intolerance (I could barely go outside without getting burned), liver spots, electrosensitivity (it turns out the myelin sheath needs fat to function well.)

It felt like I was receiving electric shocks thoughout the night and my insomnia got so bad that I would wait to pass out from exhaustion in the morning, But still I held to the belief that I must not be doing it “right.”

The last straw was when I was doing a “master cleanse” on a solo camping trip in 2018 and my front tooth began to chip away for no reason. I was also losing weight at an alarming rate. I was experiencing what Dr. Baker refers to as “end stage veganism.” I went home and cried to God for help and the next day was led to some videos on extended dry fasting. 

I spent several days researching dry fasting while eating a raw vegan diet when I heard someone mention Dr Baker’s interview with Joe Rogan. I watched the interview and 2 months later, after watching and reading hundreds of testimonies, decided to give it a try. That was December 1, 2018. My depression disappeared within 2 weeks and I’ve never gone back. I notice new benefits every month that passes. Not only have almost all my symptoms gone away, but life is much simpler. The need for stuff is disappearing and I’m content with less. 

God bless everyone who has shared their stories because you never know who’s life you will change.

Colorado Springs, CO

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