Robert Healed his body after 28 years of being a vegan on a carnivore diet

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Robert has a long history with vegetarian and vegan diets. He spent over twenty-eight years eating various versions of a plant-based diet, to the point where it began to have detrimental effects on his health. Robert says initially, his plant-based diet went well and “reinforced” his belief that it was the “cure for mankind’s mental and physical” illnesses.

However, after just a few years, Robert’s health began to decline. He experienced a variety of ailments, including hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weakness, high blood pressure, heat intolerance, night sweats, insomnia, sun intolerance, liver spots, and electrosensitivity. He says insomnia and the electrosensitivity he experienced at night also caused him to pass out from exhaustion in the morning.

Robert’s mental health also became a concern as he suffered from extreme anxiety, depression, inability to focus, brain fog, and food addiction. He even says he struggled to hand the cashier at a grocery store his money because his anxiety was so high. Still, he thought his plant-based diet was “right.”

Robert says he has never been a person who follows the crowd, and for him, vegan and vegetarianism represent fighting the good fight against the evil meat and dairy industry. Robert says he believed all that he was told by those who are anti-meat and felt indoctrinated with the belief that what he was doing was the best decision for him and society. He even describes using his view of being plant-based as a pillar of his new-found Christian faith, as he “thought the Bible made it clear that God created us as a vegan.” He jokes, “I obviously didn’t read my Bible.”

The final straw for Robert was while doing a “master cleanse”– a cleanse centered around drinking lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Robert says he was on a solo camping trip then, and during the trip, his tooth began to chip away for no reason. Before that, Robert had also lost weight at an alarming rate. He went home from his trip and cried to God for help, and the next day he was led to videos online that sent him down a rabbit hole of information. He says he can now look back and realize he was experiencing “end-stage veganism”– as Dr. Shawn Baker calls it.

For the next several days, while following a raw vegan diet, Robert watched many videos and stumbled across Dr. Shawn Baker’s interview on the Joe Rogan’s podcast. After watching the discussion and two months of researching the carnivore diet, including listening to many testimonials, Robert decided to try the diet.

December 1st, 2018, is Robert’s “carniversary.” Robert says within two weeks of following the carnivore diet, his depression disappeared, and he knew he could never return. Robert also says he has noticed new benefits every month since becoming a carnivore diet follower. Almost all his ailments have disappeared, and he feels his life is much simpler.

Robert is happier than ever as a carnivore diet follower and says, “God bless everyone who has shared their stories because you never know whose life you will change.”

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