Aaron got rid of sugar cravings, and built muscle on a Carnivore based lifestyle

Aaron lives in Bali, Indonesia, and says he never took his health very seriously until several years ago. Aaron is thirty-one and says he didn’t have any significant health concerns before becoming a carnivore diet follower, but he knew he could be doing better for his health.


He describes struggling with itchy spots on the back of his head and realizes he once had a sugar addiction.


How Aaron Discovered the Carnivore Way of Eating


A few years ago, Aaron had a friend that motivated him to start working out at the gym and looking into his diet. He says his friend ate a lot of meat and only a few vegetables. When Aaron asked his friend why he didn’t eat vegetables, his friend joked back, “that’s what my food eats.”


Aaron said initially, when he followed his friend’s lifestyle, he, too, ate a lot of meat. However, most of the meat he ate was lean protein. He also ate a lot of carbs and other “junk foods.” Aaron said during that time, his body looked good.


He was leaned out and muscular, but his body didn’t feel well. He said he knows this is a common problem in the weightlifting world. Many men can build muscle and look healthy, but their bodies suffer.


Aaron had another friend who was a carnivore diet follower. Aaron describes the shock he felt when he went to a burger restaurant with his friend and ate burger patties together– no bun! It was an odd experience for Aaron, but it motivated him to look into the carnivore way of eating.


Aaron’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


Aaron began following a low-carbohydrate diet. Aaron says he remembers eating a large slab of beef at his mother’s home and finding it shocking that he wasn’t hungry until the next day, nor did he have any sugar cravings.


From then on, Aaron decided he wanted to try the carnivore diet. That was two years ago, and he hasn’t looked back since!


The Benefits and Staples of Aaron’s Carnivore Diet


Aaron says a typical carnivore day revolves around several staples: eggs, bacon, beef patties, steak, some seafood, avocados, and coconut water.


He describes Bali as very hot, and the coconut water provides a lot of electrolytes to keep him hydrated. He also describes having several friends who are now carnivore diet followers and enjoys getting support from them.


He tells a story of enjoying a Brazilian steakhouse in Bali with his carnivore friends. He says they all fasted for twenty-four hours before indulging in unlimited meat. However, none of his carnivore follower buddies were ravenous like he would have thought they would be.


He attributes their lack of severe hunger to the limited amount of carbs they regularly eat and sees the value in focusing on fat and protein in his meals.


Being Part of the MeatRx Community


Aaron is a member of the MeatRx community. Aaron says he loves listening and reading the success stories of other carnivore diet followers. The success stories are very inspiring to him and keep him motivated.


He loves being in a community where health is prioritized and feels safe sharing his meat-based lifestyle. Aaron is also a health coach and says his coaching method is “habit-based.” He believes in creating sustainable habits for himself and his clients to help them reach their goals.


Aaron’s Coaching Method and Sustainable Habits


Aaron is grateful for his journey to the carnivore diet and for his friends who have helped him continue to strive for health. He is looking forward to all he can achieve now that he has prioritized his health.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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