April 7, 2021

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Chad resolved his GI problems on a carnivore lifestyle

Chad had considered following the carnivore way of eating for a while before finally committing to it in February 2020. Chad says before the carnivore diet, he ate relatively healthily. As a child, Chad was always a little chunky. He had worked hard in his early adult life to lose weight. Chad experimented for several years with the ketogenic diet

Daniel has mental clarity, more strength, and endurance on the carnivore lifestyle

Daniel has been following the carnivore diet for over two years and isn’t looking back. Daniel says before the carnivore way of eating, his health wasn’t terrible. He grew up eating a lot of meat and already had some healthy practices in place. However, as he got older, his weight began to creep up, he noticed his physically demanding job

Glenn lost weight, gained muscle, and improved gut health on a carnivore diet

Glen came to the carnivore diet not for a significant physical illness but for his mental health. Glen says growing up, he was very active and ate a diet full of protein and carbohydrates. He was taught as a child and teen to use “carbs for energy.” As Glen got older and went to college, his mental health began to

Aaron got rid of sugar cravings, and built muscle on a Carnivore based lifestyle

Aaron lives in Bali, Indonesia, and says he never took his health very seriously until several years ago. Aaron is thirty-one and says he didn’t have any significant health concerns before becoming a carnivore diet follower, but he knew he could be doing better for his health.   He describes struggling with itchy spots on the back of his head

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