Katherine’s lupus flares have subsided since starting the carnivore diet

Six months ago, Katherine was riddled with debilitating symptoms from lupus, GERD, PCOS, bipolar disorder, asthma, and hypothyroidism. She was taking 15 medications and grew concerned as her weight increased. “I was miserable!” she shares.


Relief from Multiple Health Issues on a Carnivore Diet


Feeling hopeless and ready to give up, Katherine learned that a close friend eliminated many food allergies and other health issues on a carnivore diet. Katherine decided to try it for herself, especially after learning about the effects of oxalates in plant foods. 


“It was getting harder to figure out how to get full, and I was gaining weight from being on antidepressants and as a result of PCOS,” she recalls. “My friend sent me links and introduced me to groups to help me get started. 


Within the first week, I lost 10 pounds!” Initial weight loss on a carnivore diet is typically due to lowering inflammation and eliminating water weight, but it was enough to keep Katherine motivated to continue.


Almost immediately, Katherine noticed relief from lupus flare-ups that had previously caused constant joint pain and fatigue. “I’ve noticed a decrease in my aches and pains, and my GERD symptoms are completely gone now without any medication. My anxiety has subsided as well!”


The Benefits of Prioritizing Fat on a Carnivore Diet


Katherine has a great tip on how to stay full and combat cravings on a carnivore diet. Her top recommendation? Get an air fryer! “If I’m craving carbs, I take some pork or beef fat and throw it in the air fryer and cook it until crispy,” she explains. 


“That kills off any cravings I have for carbs or sweets.” She keeps her meals simple, often with steak or rotisserie chicken as the main course. Once a week, she prepares a delicious breakfast casserole featuring sausage, feta cheese, and eggs. “I used to be a habitual eater and ate my feelings,” she shares. “But I find that protein keeps me full, and I practice intermittent fasting.”


Katherine was surprised at how prioritizing fat in her diet has helped her lose weight. She’s lost 122 pounds in her first six months on Carnivore, going from 312 pounds to 190 pounds. She says she no longer needs the validation of numbers on the scale. “I feel great going from size 3X and 4X clothing to sizes medium and large!”


Non-Scale Victories on a Carnivore Diet


Other non-scale victories include keeping up with her energetic five and six-year-olds. “I had days before carnivore when I couldn’t even get out of bed,” she recalls.


“Now, I’m up at 5 AM and go non-stop all day. I’ve got so much energy now that I run my kids down! They tell me, ‘Mommy, you need to slow down!'”


Katherine is delighted to find that the painful lesions she used to have from lupus flare-ups have entirely disappeared, and some of the open wounds she had from older lesions are healing well on a carnivore diet. “I thought I’d be stuck with hypothyroidism forever, but I’m off all my medication now. Also, I haven’t had any cysts from PCOS.”


Katherine’s Advice for Starting a Carnivore Diet


Her journey is far from complete, but Katherine is so happy to share her story in hopes that others may find relief as she has. “Jump in head first!” she cheers. “Don’t just stick your toe in!”


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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