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Kassandra reverses a lifetime of obesity

Before: a good acne day… Before: forced photo at my largest My Struggles with Weight: A Personal Journey   My name is Kassandra, and my life has been a struggle with weight. My mother and I nearly died during my birth because she had untreated, gestational diabetes. I survived in the NICU because the nurses taped together two incubators since

Maria healed battle with eczema, managing her high histamine issues with carnivore

From a Mediterranean Diet to Weight Struggles   Maria lives in northern Michigan with her husband. Maria’s father was Lebanese and was “raised there and came here when he was in his late teens,” so she grew up eating a Mediterranean-style diet.   She says she “never had a weight problem or any health problems growing up, and I had

Katherine’s lupus flares have subsided since starting the carnivore diet

Six months ago, Katherine was riddled with debilitating symptoms from lupus, GERD, PCOS, bipolar disorder, asthma, and hypothyroidism. She was taking 15 medications and grew concerned as her weight increased. “I was miserable!” she shares.   Relief from Multiple Health Issues on a Carnivore Diet   Feeling hopeless and ready to give up, Katherine learned that a close friend eliminated

Jenae helped heal her Lyme disease and thyroid on a carnivore diet

At 18 years old, Jenae was diagnosed with end-stage chronic Lyme disease. After transitioning to a carnivore diet and implementing cold laser therapy, she has successfully put her symptoms into remission.   Jenae’s Diagnosis and Struggles with Lyme Disease   “I had neurological Lyme disease, so I experienced constant brain fog, headaches, and joint pain,” Jenae shares. “I couldn’t drive

Jean heals from kidney stones on a carnivore diet

Kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate, and a research paper published in the journal European Urology in 2012 estimated that 8.8% of women and 10.6% of men have kidney stones. They’re more prevalent in obese people, though many non-obese people get them too.   How Do Calcium Oxalate Stones Form, and What Foods Can Contribute to Their Formation?  

Lisa treats stomach ulcers on carnivore diet

Lisa, 54, has successfully treated chronic stomach ulcers, improved her digestion, and reduced inflammation and fatigue since she began following the carnivore diet a year and a half ago.   From Paleo to Carnivore: Lisa’s Journey to Health   Lisa had been following a paleo diet for about seven years, consisting of meat, dairy, salads, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Keri loses weight and improves strength on a carnivore diet

Keri found the weight loss answer she had been looking for with a carnivore diet, and improving her physical strength was a bonus.   Keri’s Struggle with Yo-Yo Dieting and Her Discovery of the Carnivore Diet   “Unfortunately, I soon fell back into old habits,” Keri explains. “The ketogenic diet was just a little too generous regarding vegetables and fruits.

Carly got scurvy from eating fruit and healed it on a carnivore diet

Hello, I have a younger point of view than most I know, and I hope it is useful. My name is Carly, and I am a tenth-grader in America.   I Almost Died   Let’s start with my early life. I was born to a long line of diabetics, those with chronic diseases and obesity. My mother was a diabetic

Natasha improved reproductive health, sex, endometriosis on carnivore diet

I just wanted to share a simple story to help get the word out there. Back in 2006, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I mentioned to the doctor that I thought I was too young (25y/o) to be diagnosed with that condition.   She told me normally yes, but with all the hormones in food, it’s not surprising and that

Adam overcomes plant-based diet, has improvements on carnivore diet

Discover how Adam (and his dog!) both overcame the negative effects of a plant-based diet and the many benefits that have come along with the Carnivore Diet, including better athletic performance and recovery, better digestion, mental clarity, and clearer skin.   Meet Adam, the Carnivore Diet Advocate, and His Dog’s Incredible Transformation   Adam is 42 years old and has

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