Carly got scurvy from eating fruit and healed it on a carnivore diet

Hello, I have a younger point of view than most I know, and I hope it is useful. My name is Carly, and I am a tenth-grader in America.


I Almost Died


Let’s start with my early life. I was born to a long line of diabetics, those with chronic diseases and obesity. My mother was a diabetic at age sixteen. I was born ill, with one kidney and one-half of the other.


I got a liver disease in my toddler stage, had colic from a young age, and nearly died multiple times from my illnesses. At age six and I gained extreme amounts of weight, I got depressed, and overall I lost my childish nature.


I had a gigantic amount of mental and physical problems for almost my whole life, and it kept getting worse. In 2016 my mother died, and it ruined my A average; thankfully, it was just a bout of fatigue and regret. 


Getting Scurvy


After that, let’s get into what made me start dieting. I got scurvy in 2016, eating fruit. Yes, I ate fruit and got scurvy. That was from me also eating pounds of glucose daily. Now, a disclaimer: I never stuck to a diet for more than a week because of a severe Candida infection which is just now going away, so I have a renewed resolve to stick to this lifestyle.


I cleared up my scurvy with lemonade and turned Paleo. I went from 160 lbs at 5ft to 150 lbs. I added tomatoes and potatoes, which made me gain another five pounds. I decided to go low-lectin, and I felt the best there. I only ate meat, leafy greens, and citrus. I got down to 120 lbs in a week. I, of course, had to screw it up and go Keto which led to Pescetarianism.


I dropped to 106 lbs in June of 2017. I was anorexic, dying, and felt horrible. My kidneys were failing from oxalates. I’d die from renal failure, as did my mother. I missed 9/10 days of school(somehow passed).


Carnivore Like The Wolves


In July, one whole exact year from this diet exploration, I go to Carnivore. I have always loved wolves; I even tried going Carnivore once before but was told not (good idea because I was going to do it with just the meat my mother made).


As soon as I did, my energy skyrocketed, my depression fled, and I gained weight back. My kidneys were back to normal. I fell off a lot, and I blamed myself for being weak. It was not weakness. It was the Candida driving me to binge and purge on sugar every week. I now weigh 134lbs at 5′.5″. 


No Organs For Me


I detailed every resource and looked up so much on dieting; I read every source I could. I knew in January of 2017 you could live off just meat, but I thought you needed all the organs. In July, I found people who lived healthily off just ground beef. I was ecstatic, dear gods. I was so happy.


Now I eat at four-six at night and ten at night. Two meals, usually raw or quickly seared conventional 73/27 ground beef with pastured eggs, seared conventional beef heart, boiled wild fish, and raw conventional beef liver. I do drink milk every so often, but dairy is causing problems now, so I’ll drop it.


Growing And Getting Stronger


Of course. Since starting in 2017, I have gained and maintained an above-average lean mass of 105 lbs. My face looks more defined and stronger, I have no more acne, my hair is thicker and grows fast, and my nails are more solid and harder.


Of course, digestive issues are also gone as well. My food choices have actually changed to pork, cheese, and milk starting a year ago. It changed none of my benefits, though. 


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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