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Claire Reverses Osteoporosis and Puts On Muscle In Her 60s On A Carnivore Diet

Claire’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet   An educator for over 20 years, school principal Claire needed more energy to keep up with her busy schedule. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis nine years ago, she started a fitness journey leading her to CrossFit classes and weight training. However, after experiencing less-than-stellar results, her coach encouraged her to look closely at

Dwayne improved asthma, mood and skin a carnivore diet

Dwayne’s Background:    From living in Nova Scotia, Canada, growing up, I competed and coached at a national level in snowboarding. After retiring from that started an agency to represent and market brands to retailers and have been doing that ever since.   How I came to Carnivore:    Jan 2019, I was on a snowmobile trip in the mountains

Kelly improved her kidney disease on a carnivore diet

Hello, my name is Kelly. I am a 54 year old female. I have been doing the carnivore diet for 3.75 years. Losing My Liver and Colon I had to have a liver transplant due to autoimmune disease in 2013 and then lost my colon to ulcerative colitis in 2015. I wish I had known about the carnivore diet back

Laney lost weight, improved anemia and fatigue on a carnivore diet

The Frustrating Search for Digestive Solutions   It’s New Year’s Eve 2018, and this time last year, I was making lists and action plans for how I might once-and-for-all get to the bottom of my digestion problems. “This will be the year,” I would think as I would set out at the top of that willpower mountain, only to make

Marc improved digestion on carnivore diet

I’m Marc, a 73-year-old retired family doctor who has been overweight by 20+ lbs with high blood pressure for most of the past 40 years. I was successful with Atkins, weight watchers, & Jenny Craig, but I regained the lost weight with interest each time.   Trying Keto   Nine months ago, my wife encouraged me to lose my bulging

Annie improved her arthritis and diabetes on a carnivore diet

Introduction Annie – 31 year vegetarian now carnivore   Let me tell you a bit about myself, I live in just outside of Brisbane, Australia, I’m 45 years old, have 4 daughters ranging from 19 to 11 years, I work five days a week and am studying a health sciences degree full-time online. I decided to do a Bachelor of

Alicia improves digestion, mood, and sleep on a carnivore diet

To celebrate 100 days of Carnivore, today I wanted to share many of the benefits I’ve been grateful for since starting Carnivore.   Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list and is sure to grow with time. I am so fortunate and grateful for the results I have recognized thus far.   Disclaimer:   The following is intended

Jean heals from kidney stones on a carnivore diet

Kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate, and a research paper published in the journal European Urology in 2012 estimated that 8.8% of women and 10.6% of men have kidney stones. They’re more prevalent in obese people, though many non-obese people get them too.   How Do Calcium Oxalate Stones Form, and What Foods Can Contribute to Their Formation?  

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