Claire Reverses Osteoporosis and Puts On Muscle In Her 60s On A Carnivore Diet

Claire’s Journey to the Carnivore Diet


An educator for over 20 years, school principal Claire needed more energy to keep up with her busy schedule. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis nine years ago, she started a fitness journey leading her to CrossFit classes and weight training. However, after experiencing less-than-stellar results, her coach encouraged her to look closely at her nutrition. 


Until then, she ate the Standard American Diet, regularly enjoying pasta and bread. When she heard about the carnivore diet, she decided she’d give it a try for a few weeks. Fast forward four years later, and she’s still on the carnivore bandwagon—experiencing the myriad health benefits accompanying it.


The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Claire


“The reason I stayed with it after a couple of weeks was, number one: I was enjoying what I was eating—and I was eating as much as I wanted—which was wonderful…but over the course of just four weeks, I gained more muscle than I had gained in months prior to that. I saw fairly quick results in my body composition and my performance—and that was exciting.”


Reversing Osteoporosis and Improving Hypothyroidism


Now 68 ½ years old, her yearly checkups and bloodwork all confirm she’s thriving. “Continuing to do all the weightlifting…and eating meat—I have actually reversed my osteoporosis in my spine to normal, so that’s been awesome! I also have hypothyroid, and that has improved as best thyroids can improve. 


I’m still taking Synthroid, but instead of this being a progressive illness, it has actually gone the other way, and they had to reduce my meds because it was too much.” Another perk? After six months of eating Carnivore, the kidney stones she had been told were waiting in the wings completely disappeared.


Claire’s Diet and Nutrition Plan


Claire’s diet now mainly consists of big old steaks, ground beef, pork, fish, and dairy. “I do eat dairy—I know some carnivore people don’t…I found that when I experimented and stopped all dairy, I did see an increase in muscle mass, but I like dairy, so I decided I was going to keep doing cheese because I like it.”


Achieving Fitness Goals with a Busy Schedule


Sometimes Claire’s work schedule is so busy that she has to work through lunch, but she finds she is generally able to achieve her goal of eating at least 100 grams of protein per day. 


Once the pandemic hit, she started working out from home, and without a coach spurring her on, she has been able to maintain an impressive 150lb deadlift. “A few years ago, I was eating carbs and working out—I feel like I’m stronger, healthier—feel better—now.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Claire Reverses Osteoporosis and Puts On Muscle In Her 60s On A Carnivore Diet”

  1. At 71, in process of graduating to Carnivore from “Keto”. Great strides in Keto, losing nearly 40 pounds and bringing hyperthyroid back into normal range in less than six months. Need to work out; one step at a time. Lost my son in 2020, my brother and mother 2022 and husband 2023—doing my best to recover from caregiving that just left me totally “spent” and sleep deprived. I appreciate Carnivore seems less complicated; all ya need is rudimentary meat, salt, water; optional eggs and precautionary mineral drops. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis years ago, resisted the push to take the Pharma meds—hopefully carnivore and getting into working out will help. Both are the last things I thought I would do; we shall see. It all started with KETO but eating 8-10 cups vegetables daily ended up as 6 oxalate stones and my third surgery for their removal. Hardest adjustment is being alone now and adjusting to actually meeting some of my own needs for first time in many, many years. God give me strength and healing to serve You by getting healthy enough to continue serving others.

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