Jenae helped heal her Lyme disease and thyroid on a carnivore diet

At 18 years old, Jenae was diagnosed with end-stage chronic Lyme disease. After transitioning to a carnivore diet and implementing cold laser therapy, she has successfully put her symptoms into remission.


Jenae’s Diagnosis and Struggles with Lyme Disease


“I had neurological Lyme disease, so I experienced constant brain fog, headaches, and joint pain,” Jenae shares. “I couldn’t drive for a very long time, and I experienced excessive sweating as one of the autoimmune symptoms.” 


At the time, Jenae was enrolled in college classes, and she struggled to have enough energy to make it through her day and would spend hours sleeping after class. The fatigue was nearly unbearable. 


“I learned that my body is very sensitive to oxalates, so I knew I needed to avoid plant foods as much as possible.”


Transitioning to the Carnivore Diet


Jenae had some success on a ketogenic diet but found it was easy to get caught up in baking low-carb versions of her favorite sweets and treats. She was looking for a way to address her Lyme disease symptoms through nutritional therapy rather than a pill. 


She looked online for information and found Mikhaila Peterson’s story about how she put herself in remission from several autoimmune disorders while following a version of the carnivore diet. 


“I was taking a bunch of herbal supplements and working with a functional medicine doctor, but I wasn’t seeing any progress,” she recalls. “So I decided to try a carnivore diet.”


Jenae’s first attempt at carnivore did not go as planned. “The first time, I jumped right in but failed after a week. I realized it works better for me to eliminate foods slowly, so it’s not such a shock to my system. 


I also realized I need to supplement with more electrolytes.” Jenae was struggling with her weight at the time, so she implemented intermittent fasting and continued this as she first transitioned to carnivore.


 “I was only eating meat and still trying to fast, which was not a good idea. So for my second attempt, I stopped intermittent fasting and slowly transitioned from keto with avocados and coconut oil to carnivore with eventually no plant foods.”


Cold Laser Therapy and its Role in Jenae’s Healing


In an effort to treat Lyme disease and her thyroid condition, Jenae continued on a carnivore diet and finally started to see improvement. “My thyroid was significantly affected by Lyme disease, and I almost had full-blown Hashimoto’s disease. But I’ve been able to lessen that since following a carnivore diet, and my energy has greatly improved.”


In conjunction with changing her diet, Jenae has had incredible results from cold laser therapy. “It’s an alternative therapy using a low-level laser that seems to work well for autoimmune conditions,” she explains.


“Along with the carnivore diet, cold laser therapy completely catapulted my healing process. With these two things, I have completely gone into remission, and the inflammation in my body is gone.”


Jenae’s Remission and Continued Success with an Animal-Based Diet


Jenae is now able to enjoy intense workouts and has gotten down to a healthy weight. Jenae plans to keep going with an animal-based diet to keep her symptoms at bay and enjoys helping others as a coach to help them find healing and develop a plan that works best for them.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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