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Maria manages PCOS, IBS, and Lyme on a carnivore diet

PCOS Diagnosis at Sixteen At sixteen, Maria faces a health predicament that bewilders many teenagers. Multiple symptoms plague her young life, leading her to a family doctor. There, she receives a diagnosis of PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a condition closely tied to type 2 diabetes and affecting female fertility. With the diagnosis comes a prescription – antidepressants for her mood,

Craig E manages pain and Lyme disease on a carnivore diet

A Healthy Start: The Keto Journey Craig and his wife Maria have been living a healthy lifestyle for years. They’ve been following the keto diet, with Maria on it for about 20 years and Craig for around 15-16 years. They’ve enjoyed the benefits of energy and overall well-being that come with the diet. Craig, in particular, has never had any

Kat heals from ulcerative colitis, asthma, and Lyme disease on the carnivore diet

Kat’s Health Struggle and Athletic Journey   Kat’s battle for her health has been a fierce one, and she has fought bravely her whole life to find relief from the crippling asthma and ulcerative colitis that has plagued her since she was a baby. “I had ulcerative colitis from day one, ear infections, and asthma.   Back in the day—they

Kevin is fighting off multiple sclerosis on a carnivore diet

The Vegetarian Trash Panda Diet and Its Impact on Kevin’s Health   Kevin was diagnosed with MS in 2011. He also had Lyme disease and was bipolar.   In junior college, Kevin had “a vegetarian trash panda diet.” He ate a lot of Oreos, ramen, and pop tarts. This continued for five years, and he believes it set the stage

Tessa going carnivore helped take me from the brink of death to a thriving, joyous life

Tessa’s Chronic Illness and Diagnosis   Tessa describes being so chronically ill her doctors didn’t know what to do with her. Tessa has a history of eating disorders but says for most of her adult life. She didn’t struggle with eating. Tessa ate copious amounts of food but couldn’t seem to gain weight.    Tessa says she experimented with the

Astrid’s Lyme and CFS in remission thanks to a Carnivore lifestyle

Astrid’s Health Struggles from Infancy to Adulthood   Astrid has been dealing with health concerns as far back as her infancy. She describes her mother telling her she was a very colicky baby. Astrid also often became sick as a child and dealt with severe constipation. Even as a young person, she thought the answer to all her problems was

Jenae helped heal her Lyme disease and thyroid on a carnivore diet

At 18 years old, Jenae was diagnosed with end-stage chronic Lyme disease. After transitioning to a carnivore diet and implementing cold laser therapy, she has successfully put her symptoms into remission.   Jenae’s Diagnosis and Struggles with Lyme Disease   “I had neurological Lyme disease, so I experienced constant brain fog, headaches, and joint pain,” Jenae shares. “I couldn’t drive

Rebekah improved autoimmune issues, sleep, gained muscle on carnivore diet

Hello!   I wanted to share my success story thus far. My life has changed and improved drastically- and I wasn’t sure I was going to be alive less than a year ago.    My name is Rebekah. I’ve always had a passion for health, nature, Fitness, and holistic nutrition/medicine.   The Desperate Search for a Cure   I was

Charlene improves sleep, cardiovascular health, digestion on carnivore diet

My Carnivore Diet Journey As per interest and requests I thought I would sit down and talk about my story of approaching and reaching my carnivore diet. Even though I like to never look back or put any focus on my previous ill health, I know that by doing so it may help others. Warning… I’m a number of things,

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