Kevin is fighting off multiple sclerosis on a carnivore diet

The Vegetarian Trash Panda Diet and Its Impact on Kevin’s Health


Kevin was diagnosed with MS in 2011. He also had Lyme disease and was bipolar.


In junior college, Kevin had “a vegetarian trash panda diet.” He ate a lot of Oreos, ramen, and pop tarts. This continued for five years, and he believes it set the stage for his MS.


The MS Diagnosis and Immune-Suppressing Medications


Kevin performed as a juggler at Renaissance fairs. He noticed something was wrong when he couldn’t do the juggling patterns that he’d been doing for years.


An MRI found brain lesions, as well as lesions on his cervical and thoracic spine. At 27, Kevin had MS. Kevin was prescribed immune-suppressing medications that made him susceptible to infections.


Trying a Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet and Continuing to Decline


But he wasn’t getting any better with the medications alone. His wife thought that a vegan diet could help him, so he started a low-fat, plant-based diet. Kevin felt better for a month because he wasn’t eating his “trash panda diet.”


But it didn’t last—he had an overall downward trend for the next eight years. He couldn’t tie his shoes, button his shirt, walk, cook for himself, or think. He often had to use a wheelchair and a scooter at big box stores.


Kevin found research stating that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease is symbiotic with nematodes (worms). Because he was diagnosed with Lyme, he began a protocol to kill parasites. He ate keto with big “freakin” salads. Kevin felt somewhat better but had joint pain.


Finding Dr. Baker and Starting the Carnivore Diet


Kevin found Dr. Baker and started Carnivore. But he was “foolhardy” because the improvements were so amazing. “I could work out. I could walk in the heat and bright light.” He thought he didn’t need medication anymore and stopped it “cold turkey.”


“Coming off the meds so fast was horrible.” Additionally, Kevin learned he needed to eat more fat and upped his intake.


Regaining Health with Carnivore Diet: MRI Results and Physical Improvements


In 2021, Kevin had an MRI that revealed he had regained some cranial mass; he had lost 5 1/2 percent of his brain mass, as evidenced by an MRI a decade earlier. And his previous cervical and thoracic lesions weren’t visible.


Kevin has been Carnivore for a year and eats mostly beef. He gets beef fat trimmings and slices them to snack on. His diet is 80-85 percent fat. At 6’4″ and 165 pounds, Kevin eats about two pounds of meat each day. He buys grass or grain fed, whatever is affordable and available.


At his last follow-up, his neurologist ordered another MRI. Based on its results, Kevin may titrate his immune-modulating medication.


“So,” Kevin says, “I tied my shoes this morning. I can button my pants. I can walk around in the yard.”


After years, Kevin is relearning juggling sequences and reawakening neural pathways. “Emotionally, I’m a lot more level,” Kevin maintains. And he is able to attend a local college.


To function better, Kevin exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight. He’s particular about sleep and says it’s critical for him. Kevin has bad days but says they are better than the good days he used to have when he was vegan.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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  1. I’m a 53 yr old woman in Australia, I was diagnosed with MS back in 2000. Had a baby boy in 2002, started Betaferon injections, then switched to Tecfidera which is no longer working. I was to start on Tysabri infusions this year but I’m TCV +. So now, what next. I’m at a loss.

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