Annette gets rid of IBS on a carnivore diet

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The overriding reason I have come to this point is ‘Gut Pain’ and not the need to lose weight.


I am a 61 year old wife, a mother of two grown-up children and the owner/trainer of a young, high spirited Working Cocker Spaniel! 


Being the youngest of 3 daughters in a working class family, I grew up on mothers home cooking and baking, with a dinner and pudding every evening and homemade cakes in the cupboard.


“As a child I had no digestive issues that I was aware of, although food played an enormous part of daily family life, especially around celebrations and get-togethers.


At the age of 24 I got married to the wrong person and experienced a life changing trauma.  I struggled with an eating disorder (age 24 to 34), raging gut pain, constipation and terrible GAS (age 34 to 56). My children and husband observed my issues, but just sympathised. I became a recluse every day after I had eaten lunch.  Celebrations were an absolute nightmare, always ending with tremendous pain caused by gas I couldn’t pass.  My life became very restricted socially.


I began the low FODMAP diet after seeing a Dietician and began to understand that some plants contain fermentable carbohydrates that can cause some people gut pain and gas!


With no proper answers to my problems, I turned to You Tube and never looked back! I did Keto, but couldn’t handle the leafy greens.  When I found Shawn Baker I was over joyed because he gave me permission to simply leave out all the foods that gave me gut grief, and just eat the delicious meat, eggs and some fish that I love.  Shawn and others like him on You tube, literally gave me a second chance at life.


It’s been a process with lots of experimenting along the way.  Thank heavens for Shawn Baker.

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