Annette gets rid of IBS on a carnivore diet

A Background of Upbringing and Family Life


The overriding reason I have come to this point is ‘Gut Pain’ and not the need to lose weight.


I am a 61-year-old wife, a mother of two grown-up children, and the owner/trainer of a young, high-spirited, Working Cocker Spaniel! Being the youngest of 3 daughters in a working-class family, I grew up on mothers’ home cooking and baking, with a dinner and pudding every evening and homemade cakes in the cupboard. 


“As a child, I had no digestive issues that I was aware of, although food played an enormous part of daily family life, especially around celebrations and get-togethers.


Trauma and its Impact on Digestive Health


At the age of 24, I got married to the wrong person and experienced life-changing trauma. I struggled with an eating disorder (age 24 to 34), raging gut pain, constipation, and terrible GAS (age 34 to 56). My children and husband observed my issues but just sympathized. I became a recluse every day after I had eaten lunch.


Celebrations were an absolute nightmare, always ending with tremendous pain caused by gas I couldn’t pass. My life became very restricted socially.


I began the low FODMAP diet after seeing a Dietician and began to understand that some plants contain fermentable carbohydrates that can cause some people gut pain and gas!


With no proper answers to my problems, I turned to YouTube and never looked back!


The Shawn Baker Connection and the Second Chance at Life


I did Keto, but I couldn’t handle the leafy greens. When I found Shawn Baker, I was overjoyed because he gave me permission to simply leave out all the foods that gave me gut grief and just eat the delicious meat, eggs, and fish that I love.


Shawn and others like him on YouTube literally gave me a second chance at life. It’s been a process with lots of experimenting along the way. Thank heavens for Shawn Baker.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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