Craig E manages pain and Lyme disease on a carnivore diet

A Healthy Start: The Keto Journey

Craig and his wife Maria have been living a healthy lifestyle for years. They’ve been following the keto diet, with Maria on it for about 20 years and Craig for around 15-16 years. They’ve enjoyed the benefits of energy and overall well-being that come with the diet. Craig, in particular, has never had any significant health issues, unlike Maria, who initially turned to keto to deal with PCOS and IBS.

The Unexpected Challenge: Chronic Pain and Lyme Disease
About seven years ago, Craig’s life took an unexpected turn. He began experiencing chronic pain in his back, a soreness and stiffness that he initially attributed to a high school football injury. However, the pain started to progress up his back into his neck, becoming more and more debilitating. Migrating pain began to appear in his knees, ankles, and hips, making it difficult to move.

Tests revealed that Craig’s CRP inflammation levels were alarmingly high. After a false negative result from a standard Lyme test, he was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease through a more accurate test called the IGeneX test. Craig then embarked on a journey of standard medical treatments, including antibiotics and various protocols, but nothing seemed to work.

Turning to Carnivore: A New Path to Healing

Frustrated with the lack of progress, Craig decided to try the carnivore diet. He knew that protein was nutrient-dense and that meat could provide the most bioavailable nutrients to heal his body. He was already familiar with the benefits of meat, having written about it in his keto book.

Transitioning to the carnivore diet wasn’t a significant leap for Craig, as his keto diet already consisted mainly of animal products. He didn’t experience any digestive issues during the transition, unlike some who might come from a standard American diet.

Immediate Results: Relief from Migrating Pain

Within the first week of going carnivore, Craig noticed a tremendous improvement. His migrating pain was completely gone, a significant step in itself. This relief allowed him to move more freely without the fear of waking up with a sprained knee or other painful conditions.

Slow and Steady Progress: Building Strength

The journey to full recovery was not instant. Over time, Craig’s pain levels in his back and neck began to decrease. After about a year and a half on the carnivore diet, he reached a point where he could start lifting weights again. He was finally able to exercise without suffering the next day, building back his strength and regaining control over his life.

The Long Road to Recovery: A Personalized Journey

Craig’s experience with the carnivore diet and Lyme disease is a testament to the uniqueness of each person’s journey to health. He tried everything available for Lyme disease without significant improvement until he turned to the carnivore diet. His story emphasizes that recovery from chronic Lyme disease is typically a long and challenging process, but with determination and the right approach, it is possible to regain one’s life.

A New Lease on Life: Enjoying the Present

Today, Craig is enjoying life to the fullest. He’s able to exercise, lift weights, and engage in activities he loves. The carnivore diet has not only helped him overcome Lyme disease but has also given him a new perspective on health and well-being. His story is an inspiring example of how dietary choices can have a profound impact on one’s life, offering hope and guidance to others facing similar challenges.

Conclusion: The Power of Choice

Craig’s journey from chronic pain and Lyme disease to recovery through the carnivore diet is a powerful reminder of the potential of dietary choices in healing and well-being. His experience underscores the importance of personalization, persistence, and the willingness to explore new paths to health. It’s a story of triumph over adversity, achieved through understanding, experimentation, and faith in the healing power of food.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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