John eliminated gout symptoms and high blood pressure on a carnivore diet

John’s Carnivore Success Story


Before switching to a carnivore diet, John struggled to lose weight, and was on medication to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol, and had struggled with a painful flareup of gout. Since making the switch to a meat-based diet, all that has changed, and John is feeling better than ever at age 66!


“I had been overweight my entire life,” John shares. “Since grade school, it has always been a problem. I blossomed up to 310 pounds.” Additionally, John was diagnosed with high blood pressure after his son was born. “I’ve been on medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and gout for about thirty years. I knew I needed to do something about it.”


Discovering the Carnivore Diet


While taking his son to an orthopedic appointment, the doctor mentioned all the success stories on Carnivore. Diet, and how he had been following a carnivore diet for about a year. John was intrigued by this, and wanted to learn more.


“I researched it for about six months, and decided to start by breaking my sweet habit. I eliminated all artificial sweeteners and started drinking black coffee.”


Simple and Affordable Diet


John began a simple carnivore diet of beef, sausage, eggs, and occasionally some cheese. (Being from Wisconsin, the cheese state, it was hard for him to avoid it!) While he does include a substantial amount of processed meats, he carefully checks labels to make sure the carb count is close to zero and there’s no added sugar.


Since John’s wife is a cancer survivor, they make sure to completely avoid sugar, which has been linked to cancer cell regrowth. John’s wife follows a ketogenic diet, and she has lost 40 pounds since making the switch.


John was pleasantly surprised to save money eating this way. “Our grocery bill has gone down significantly,” he says. He enjoys being able to spend a bit more on higher quality cuts of meat rather than spend money on high-carb packaged foods.


Rapid Weight Loss and Improved Health


John was pleased to see the weight come off rapidly in his first five months on a carnivore diet. “My waist size kept going down rapidly, which was great. I went from a 54-inch waist size to a 38-inch waist size in the 17 months I’ve been on a carnivore diet, and I’ve lost a total of 134 pounds.”


John’s doctor was happy with the weight loss at his annual physical, but still is not on board with how he lost the weight. John hopes to change that perception, and hopes that over time, more medical professionals will acknowledge the positive benefits of following a meat-based diet.


Overcoming Medical Issues with Carnivore Diet


After over thirty years of being on medication, John is happy to report that he has resolved all of his previous health issues. “I noticed my blood pressure going down steadily, so I stopped taking one medication.


It continued to go down, so I stopped taking the other medication as well. I am also off my cholesterol medication, and my numbers have been fine at under 100.”


John hasn’t had a gout flareup, and is off preventative medication for that as well. “I’m off all of my meds, that’s one of the best hallelujahs for me!”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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