Julia healed joint pain, inflammation and anxiety on a carnivore diet

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Julia came to follow a carnivore diet after suffering from obesity for many years and what she describes as a “plethora” of other health conditions. “I was suffering from anxiety and depression, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, inflammation, and a headache that would just not go away,” she shares with Revero coach Tracy. “I had allergies to things I didn’t even know about and reactions to foods that I couldn’t explain.”

In terms of diet, Julia was under the assumption she was faithfully following a “well-balanced diet” that included lots of vegetables, meat, and processed foods marketed as healthy choices. She quickly learned that eliminating most of those foods would be the key to recovering from her increasingly debilitating symptoms.

“I had a whole medical team that had done bloodwork and tests. I was poked, prodded, and scoped all to come back with a diagnosis of life-threatening anxiety,” Julia recalls. “I spiraled down that hole for a long time and was taking psychiatric meds. My energy and body function were depleting.”

Julia’s doctors began to suspect she might have fibromyalgia or lupus. “I was urgently seen by a rheumatologist. I came out of that appointment without a diagnosis. I needed a lifeline!” she remembers thinking.

That lifeline came in the form of Julia’s husband watching Joe Rogan’s testimonial about trying a carnivore diet for 31 days. He decided he wanted to try it himself but also thought it might be helpful for Julia. “I thought, well, I have nothing to lose, so I’ll do it with you!” So on February 1, 2020, Julia and her husband agreed to follow the diet for the entire month. “He said, ‘Let’s start tomorrow.’ I said, ‘No, let’s start today!’ And so we started mid-mocha that morning!”

Julia noticed significant improvements right away. “I was at such a low point, so it was all up for me from a rock bottom place. It’s undeniable now, the remarkable effects of a meat-based diet!”

Julia combines intermittent fasting with her approach to carnivore and typically follows the OMAD protocol (“one meal a day”). She has also done longer fasts and finds them helpful as she loses weight, lowers inflammation, and maintains tighter skin. Her main meal is typically steak, butter, and eggs, but she also includes burgers, chicken wings, and pork for variety.

Julia has lost over 65 pounds and feels fantastic! Before carnivore, Julia’s anxiety was so bad that she was constantly vomiting, had to resign from her job, and had extended hospital stays. Now, all that has changed. “2020 is doctor-free for me!” she declares. “No more extended hospital stays; it feels amazing!”

With her mental and physical health improving every day, Julia and her husband now enjoy mountain climbing, weight lifting, and loads of excess energy to put to good use. Her advice to those curious about trying a meat-based diet? “If you have even a shred of love for yourself, give it a go! As I like to say, eat steaks, not cakes!”

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